5 things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant woman


Pregnancy can bring a roller coaster of emotions – blame it on hormonal changes – so be sensitive about what you say to your friend when she is expecting a baby. These comments got me really peeved during my pregnancy.

“You’re having a boy? Congrats!”

Are you really saying: “Phew, it’s not a girl! The last name lives on!”

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or girl! I didn’t get a choice on the gender of my baby and nobody ever does.

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“Was it planned?”

Are you really saying: “You actually want to be pregnant?! WHY?!”

Again, does it really matter? Do you really want to know how I conceived and why?

Or are you trying to persuade me to not have this baby? Sorry, too late.

what not to say to pregnant woman
“Enjoy while you still can!”

Are you really saying: “Hah! You’ll never have time for yourself once this baby comes!”

Mums-to-be are well-aware that our current schedules will have to change once our baby arrives.

We’re not ignorant to the fact that our baby will be our priority and we’ll have to make adjustments.

Don’t rub it in. We know. We don’t need any reminders.

“Wow, you’ve got a great appetite! Eating for two, huh?”

Are you really saying: “Slow down! You should really watch your weight. It’s going be so hard to lose weight after you give birth.”

Nobody understands. With pregnancy, an increase in appetite is one of those things that can happen overnight.

Coupled with the cravings, a pregnant woman’s diet can look very different pre-pregnancy.

Let me enjoy my double cheeseburger with a side of prata. Just because you didn’t manage to lose the flab after you had your baby doesn’t mean it’ll happen to me.

what to eat during pregnancy
“Are you sure it’s safe to eat that?”

Are you really saying: “I don’t think I ate that when I was pregnant. I wouldn’t if I were you…”

Okay, you may have to remind me to not overdose on lattes, but don’t be a food nazi. It’s annoying. Unless you have scientific proof that eating bak chor mee will harm my baby, I’m so going for it.

Sure, I may not have lashed out at everyone with the above responses. Although on some occasions, I wish I did!

Somehow, despite the raging hormones, I manage to remain level-headed and reply nonchalantly to most of my friends and relatives.

Fellow mums-to-be, take heart. I feel your pain. I’ll leave you with three things:

1. Don’t follow everyone’s advice wholesale.

2. Do your own research and always check with your gynae.

3. Most of all, pig out with pride!

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