Stay-home craft ideas for kids: Look what you can do with leftover crayons!


crayon project ideas for kids heart crayons from leftover crayons

After Marie Kondo-ing your kids’ room, you found bits and pieces of leftover crayons that they can’t use. What do you do with them? Instead of throwing them away, think about crayon craft ideas, like this one.

These pretty heart-shaped crayons are easy to make together with your kids, and perfect even as gifts for birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

What you need

• Broken crayons
• Knife to chop crayons
• Heart-shaped, non-stick metal
• Cupcake pan (or silicone mould)
• Cooking oil spray
• Toothpick

How to do

1. Remove paper wrapper from crayons. Chop them into smaller pieces of around 1 to 2cm.

2. Spray pan lightly with cooking spray. Fill hearts full with crayons.

3. Place pan in 80 deg C oven for about 20 minutes or until crayons are completely melted.

4. Carefully remove pan from oven and cool at room temperature.

5. Remove crayons from pan – they should pop out easily. Use toothpick to lift them out if necessary.

Tip: Create a marble effect by swirling the toothpick in the melted crayons once out of the oven.

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