The Effects Of Young Parenting - Why It Is Good And Bad -

The Effects Of Young Parenting – Why It Is Good And Bad

affects of young parenting

The effects of young parenting can be quite harmful if not properly dealt with. Most parents who are young at heart usually think that since they are young they have the time to devote to their children. This is partly true but you cannot put all the blame on yourself.

About Young Parenting

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Young parents should realize that raising children is a balancing act and that it is not an easy task. It involves being able to recognize the behaviors of your children, controlling your temper, accepting your children’s personality and learning to develop good communication skills. If you do these things, raising your kids can be quite fun.

The affects of being a young parent vary depending on the parents themselves. Some parents grow up faster than others and some turn out to be more accepting towards their children than others. It really all depends on the individual parents. You will find that some parents are very difficult while others have children that they really treat with respect.

Negative Affects Of Young Parenting

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Some of the common negative effects of young parenting include being too strict and inflexible. Being too strict can be detrimental as children tend to feel trapped as they cannot express their own needs. On the other hand, children with flexible and permissive parents tend to lack structure. Structure allows for children to grow and develop better. On the other hand, being flexible and permissive can actually make a child more difficult as children do not have a clear set of expectations from their parents.

Another effect is that most children are less confident when it comes to their appearance. It may not seem like a big deal but it can actually cause some long-term effects. As the children become more self-conscious, they become less interested in going to school. This can affect their grades as well as their overall performance in school.

On the other hand, most young parents will admit that they do not pay attention to their children at first. Most often, this happens during the summer holidays when families are more crowded. However, this can also result in the children becoming less connected as they do not see the parent caring for them. On the other hand, most parents are aware of the problem. Therefore, they do try to pay more attention to their children.

Finally, another negative effect is that children tend to spend more time than necessary doing things that do not need to be done. This is especially problematic as most children need regular meals and exercise. However, most young parents do not encourage these activities. Parents should also make sure that the children are getting adequate sleep as well as physical activities. This will help to keep the body healthy.

Explore More About Young Parenting

As you can see, there are many negative impacts of this type of parenting. In addition, there are also many benefits. Children will benefit from discipline, structure, and healthy activities. They will also get plenty of love and attention. In general, the parents will be happier overall.

Some people argue that this type of parenting is easier on the child. This is because children tend to pick up the habits that are established during the young years. Parents, on the other hand, are usually too busy to notice these. However, research shows that this is not always the case.

It has also been shown that this type of parenting is helpful for the parents and children alike. When parents are strict, they tend to be more effective in discipline. They are also more willing to communicate with their children. However, it is also noted that when children are constantly punished, they become unhappy and rebellious. This may result in an increase in defiance. It also makes the children more aggressive.

On the other hand, it has also been noted that this type of parenting may actually help the children flourish. This is because the structure helps children grow up properly. For example, when they have set rules for the house, they learn to follow them. They also develop self-control and reliability. They also learn how to face conflicts with resolve, instead of running away from them.

Final Thoughts

All the effects of young parenting can have negative or positive effects on children. What is important is to find the right balance for both parents and children. It is important to remember that whatever the pros and cons of this method, one thing is certain – kids are better off with it than without it. With proper guidance and discipline, they will surely grow up as responsible and mature citizens someday.

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