Teenage Pregnancy- What To Do

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Teenage pregnancy is a term used to define pregnant females who fall in the age group of 13 to 19. Often this is a result of lack of sex education, information guidance and peer pressure in the teenage population.

Teenage pregnancy can be overwhelming and challenging since teenagers themselves are in a growing state. Taking responsibility for a child at such an early age is very tough. Teenage pregnancy, therefore, is considered to be an irresponsible act by most societies. Teenagers who get pregnant have to undergo a lot of social criticism.

According to a survey, 3 in 10 teens are likely to get pregnant and parenthood is one of the leading reasons why teens drop out of school in America.

However, if one finds oneself in this situation there are certain things to keep in mind

Make a careful and informed decision

Happy Child with Parents
Happy Child with Parents

As a teenager, you would not be in a position to support and raise a child. You need to make a practical decision about keeping and raising the baby. You need to see if your family is supportive of your decision of keeping the baby or not. Family can be of great help in this situation. They can support you financially and emotionally for raising the baby.


Cute Family
Cute Family

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have the support of the family for any reason, then you should consider your other options such as raising the baby on your own or giving it up for adoption. Giving up a baby is probably the most difficult decision that you might make as a mother but if you decide to do so, you should know that it is in the interest of the baby. You must also have a positive feeling that adopted parents will be able to provide better care than you could as a teenager.

Family support

Find support in your family and friends. Your parents can help you financially and you can continue staying with them until you become independent enough to live on our own. The support of family and friends is very essential in this situation. You can also seek financial support through various crowdsourcing platforms to take the burden away and help with various expenses.


In case you decide to continue the pregnancy and raise the child, you should try not to drop out of school. You could attend night school with the help of your family and friend’s support. Continuing school will help you become independent and financially stable in the long run.

In such cases, the boy would need help to understand that he needs to respect the girl’s decision. They may need counseling and advice on his future involvement and legal responsibilities if the girl decides to keep the child.

Advice For Parents Of Teenage Children

Finding out that your teenage child is pregnant will lead to shock and disappointment but as parents, you need to understand that your child is already in great distress. Your child needs you to be supportive in the decision. You are the people that she needs the most at this time in her life. You need to be emotionally and financially supportive towards your child to help her cope with the situation.

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