The Numbers Game: Immerse your child in a fun, new world of Maths


Learning Maths doesn’t have to be dry or boring. In fact, when something is fun, children are better able to pick it up and retain what they’ve learnt. With this in mind, Marshall Cavendish Education has launched a maths app called Brainy Arkies. Designed for children aged six to 12 years old, this app integrates automated adaptive testing and personalised learning with edutainment, to produce the best learning outcome for users.

Solve Maths problems the fun way with Brainy Arkies
Brainy Arkies sets children on an exciting adventure with in-app characters known as Arkies. Children are encouraged to solve maths questions to level up and build their own Arkies world. Built-in adaptive testing tools personalise learning by allowing them to practise questions that cater to their level of ability. Guided solutions and instructional videos are provided to help those who are facing difficulties in solving the quizzes.

While using Brainy Arkies, your little one will be fully engaged and immersed in the learning experience, which helps him to retain important maths concepts and deepen his understanding of the subject. He will also feel a sense of fulfilment as he unlocks new stages and progresses through the app. The intuitive virtual environment allows him to learn while having fun, motivating him to learn anytime, anywhere.

The app features 18,000 maths questions that are aligned with the 2018 Ministry of Education maths syllabus, meaning that you can trust that your child will be answering questions about topics that have been covered in school. As your child practices maths questions, he will receive guided solutions in text and/or video formats within the app whenever he gets any question wrong. These will help strengthen his mastery of various concepts and increase his motivation to learn.

Great for busy parents
If you don’t have time to sit through and supervise your child’s learning progress, Brainy Arkies is the perfect solution. In addition to facilitating self-directed learning, the app helps you keep track of Junior’s progress through in-depth reports. Monitor his performance according to topics, time spent learning, and so on. You can also take reinforcement actions based on these reports. For example, you can select and deselect topics for your child’s practice. You can also turn on “Study” mode which enables him to practice maths-related topics, without the game feature.

Experience Brainy Arkies now
Brainy Arkies is available for both Android and iOS devices. It’s free to play and learn. The free version grants 20 per cent access to Maths questions for P1 through P6 students. Paid subscription is available and unlocks full access to more than 18,000 maths questions and in-depth analysis reports for parents.

Want to experience Brainy Arkies? Make your way to the Smart Kids Asia event and check out the app at booths D09 and D11. There will also be a Maths Challenge for P1 to P6 pupils during the event. Winners of the challenge will walk away with exclusive Brainy Arkies premiums worth $25.

And don’t miss your chance to enjoy event-specific offers, available only at the Marshall Cavendish Education booth. These include a six-month subscription to Brainy Arkies for $30 (U.P. $40.98) and a 12-month subscription for $50 (U.P. $68.98). All purchases entitle you to a Brainy Arkies goodie bag.

Exclusive to Young Parents readers: Show us this article during the event to receive a limited-edition Brainy Arkies 3-D keychain.

— Brought to you by Brainy Arkies —

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