The Gentle Way To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Skin


Merries’ new baby skincare range helps retain skin’s ceramide, moisturising and protecting your baby’s skin, keeping it clean, soft and healthy all day.

As a parent, you probably give plenty of cuddles and hugs to your precious little one. You know that your baby’s skin is soft but delicate and sensitive, and it needs special care so that it does not become irritated or break out in rashes.

That is why your baby deserves only the gentlest skincare products. Merries, Japan’s No. 1 diaper brand that is known for its soft and gentle baby diapers, recently launched a skincare range created just for newborns and babies. Featuring the Baby Wash for Body & Hair, Baby Lotion and Baby Cream, the range was developed using advanced technology and after years of extensive baby skin research. Used together, the products cleanse and moisturise your little one’s skin without irritating it.

The secret to the products’ protective quality is ceramide. An essential component in skin, this ingredient is said to help with moisture retention and boosts the skin’s natural barrier function to guard against external irritation. The result: Skin that’s protected, soothed, healthy, and soft to the touch.

The Baby Wash for Body & Hair goes on smoothly and cleanses thoroughly, without damaging or drying out the skin. The foaming, easy-rinse formula also does not irritate the eyes. It can be used to cleanse your precious one’s hair and body.

The Baby Lotion contains a ceramide functioning ingredient, which has a moisturising effect. The formula applies easily and penetrates quickly into the skin.

The Baby Cream is ideal for areas that are especially prone to dryness. This intense moisturiser, which has a ceramide functioning ingredient, also has a protective effect.

All products are made in Japan, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, pH balanced, and free of alcohol and colourants.

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