No sweat, stress-free drumming lessons for your preschooler


Your kid is invited to drum up some fun with this unique programme developed by award-winning Singapore percussion maestro. No music background required.

Drum Tutor

Not only is drumming incredibly fun, studies show that it is also good for brain health, reduces stress and helps hone problem-solving skills.

That said, Singapore drum maestro Er Chow Kiat knows that the technical aspect of getting started can be pretty daunting for beginners with no music background.

“A lot of people love the drums and would express an interest to learn. But they get nervous once they encounter music notations for the first time,” says Chow Kiat, who has 15 years of drumming experience under his belt.

Drum Tutor

The award-winning graduate is a recipient of the Musicians Institute (MI) Full Ride Scholarship. The MI in Hollywood counts artistes American singer and songwriter Jeff Buckley and Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith as its alumni.

So when Chow Kiat set up Drum Tutor, a contemporary drumming school for both adults and kids across all levels, he devised a unique teaching concept to take the stress out of the traditional way of learning to play the drums.

For instance, its eight-lesson introductory course for casual learners, Downbeat 101, is great if you are keen to have fun and jam to your favourite songs without the pressure of learning proper notation or music theory. Instead of traditional music notations, images and boxes are used to teach drumming basics.

Drumming lessons at your kid’s pace

Drum Tutor

Drum Tutor offers drumming courses for five- to six-year-old preschoolers as well as tweens aged seven to 12 who have no prior music training.

During the classes, your kids get to learn different parts of a drum kit, basic rhythms, techniques and grooves, fill-ins, and more. Rather than follow a fixed lesson programme, lessons are based on their learning ability and pace, so they get more fun (and less stress!) in each class.

If your kids would like to develop their interest further or pursue formal credentials, the school also provides them with opportunities to participate in drum competitions or sit for UK grading exams happening three times a year.

Drum Tutor

Holiday enrichment classes

No time to schedule lessons during the school term? Check out Drum Tutor’s School’s Out Holiday Specials. This four-lesson course teaches the basics and kids get the jam to a song at the end of each lesson.

Since Drum Tutor also offers classes for above 13-year-olds and adults, you can sign up and drum up some fun with your kids!

A new outlet at Kinex

In addition to its existing studio at The Grandstand, Drum Tutor will be opening a new outlet at Kinex at Paya Lebar in August/September. The new outlet at Kinex will also start offering group lessons from September.

Sign up for these classes designed by Chow Kiat to get access to top-notch music facilities, an online student portal, video recordings of your kid’s performances in the studio, customised song transcriptions, invitations to in-house recitals and discounts on drum equipment.

To find out more about Drum Tutor’s programmes and enrolment, visit or e-mail [email protected].

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