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ELFA Preschool is a bilingual preschool that uses a story-based curriculum and the creative arts to help young children build a strong foundation in Mandarin.

Even if Mandarin is your child’s mother tongue, the language can be notoriously difficult to master. That said, it doesn’t mean that building a strong foundation in Mandarin can’t be fun. Schools like ELFA Preschool have dedicated themselves to teaching children the language in an engaging and fun way.

Unique, story-based curriculum for a strong foundation in Mandarin
ELFA Preschool is a home-grown brand that has expanded regionally, establishing itself in China since 2001 and expanding to more than 30 centres across the country, including a 500-capacity mega centre in Foshan, Guangdong.

The secret to its success? It knows how to make learning Mandarin enjoyable and enriching. The school’s story-based curriculum simplifies difficult concepts into engaging tales and images that children find easy to understand and relate to. To build confidence and competency when it comes to learning and using Mandarin, preschoolers are also immersed in a culturally-rich Chinese learning environment by way of weekly Chinese speech and drama lessons.

The curriculum, which is in line with Ministry of Education guidelines, is designed by a team of local early childhood specialists and a panel led by the former Head of Early Childhood Department at the renowned Beijing Normal University.

A holistic learning experience
Besides a bilingual environment that promotes the learning of Mandarin and fluency in English, ELFA Preschool integrates academics and the creative arts to promote a holistic and well-rounded education. Children have countless opportunities to express themselves through music-based movements and art activities, which not only hone their fine and gross motor skills, but also reinforce their self-help skills and self-esteem. Advanced programmes like Creative Art, Calligraphy and Advanced Mathematics further boost your child’s mental capabilities and creative abilities.

Experienced and caring teachers
The preschool programme at ELFA Preschool is suitable for children aged 18 months to six-plus years. The dedicated teachers provide quality care, as well as help the children develop confidence and independence gradually. And, to ensure your little one is nourished throughout the day, the school’s in-house nutritionist creates meals that are well balanced, delicious, and designed to meet his growth needs.

For more information, please visit or call 6881-8818 to book a school tour.

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