Is your child ready for the world beyond school?


MapleBear Singapore prepares your child for life and equips them with the skills and knowledge they need during their formal school years and the world beyond the classroom.

Maplebear Singapore

Your child’s early years are the most important of their life, particularly when it comes to learning. This is when they absorb information like a sponge and start to develop an interest in the world around them.

MapleBear Singapore can help give your preschooler a strong educational foundation and fuel this passion for learning. A trusted global brand, MapleBear has over 400 schools, from preschool to elementary as well as high schools, worldwide.

MapleBear Singapore’s chief executive is Patricia Koh, a renowned educator and early learning expert with more than 45 years of experience. She is also a sought-after speaker and advisor at early learning centres in the US, UK, Australia and the Asian region. From only three MapleBear centres in 2014, she now leads over 40 schools in Singapore and the region.

Maplebear Singapore

Empowering children to be the best they can be
The MapleBear Singapore curriculum is based on the best standards of early childhood education from Canada and Singapore – two countries that are in the top tier of international educational rankings. Designed for children aged two months to six years, it offers an immersive, bilingual (English-Mandarin) experience, supported by specific lesson plans and learning outcomes.

The faculty comprises trainers, curriculum writers and quality assurance personnel from Singapore, as well as the MapleBear headquarters in Canada, who travel the world to train the teachers and ensure that the programme is delivered correctly and conforms to the MapleBear standard.

Maplebear Singapore

A safe, supportive and friendly environment
Children love learning only if it is fun and engaging – and that’s what MapleBear does best! The MapleBear curriculum is enriched with a stimulating environment, excellent child-teacher ratios and personalised care from friendly, warm and professional teachers. This ensures your little one always feels engaged, understood and supported. Classes of all levels are also assigned two teachers who each speak English or Mandarin, so children grow to become competent in both languages with an appreciation for its nuances and culture.

Parents trust MapleBear to deliver a child-focused learning system – one that prepares its young pupils for success and instills in them a lifelong passion for learning.

Maplebear Singapore

MapleBear has close to 40 infant care and childcare centres located all around Singapore like Bedok, Woodlands, Jurong, Sembawang, Midview City, Hillview and St Michael. Visit to find a centre near you.

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