A Preschool Education Tailored To Your Child’s Learning Needs


Consider an inclusive preschool like Bright Path Preschool with a learning environment that allows your child to reach his full potential.

No two babies are born alike – not even twins. Kids pick up knowledge and skills in different ways and at varying rates. They typically have different learning styles, which experts have categorised into auditory (learning through their sense of hearing), visual (learning through their sense of sight), and kinaesthetic (learning through touch, movement and motion).

Then, some children who may be a little slower than their peers or need additional physical and emotional help to deal with their new learning environment. Having a one-size-fits-all learning environment can leave some feeling displaced. In short, children will learn more effectively if teachers and parents can adapt and cater to their learning styles.

Thankfully, there’s Bright Path, a new preschool that stands out among early childhood centres. Catering to students aged three to six, Bright Path aims to provide an inclusive learning environment where no one gets left behind.

For some children, learning needs to be different

The team behind Bright Path Preschool takes a tailored approach to its programme. After all, each child should be given the same opportunity to realise their fullest potential and live life to the fullest.

On top of a fun and stimulating curriculum, Bright Path helps pupils get a leg up where needed. These aids include occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, psychological assessment, nutrition and menu planning, developmental enhancement assessment, and even equine-assisted therapy.

There is a tight school-family partnership to keep you in the loop of your child’s progress. Plus, should you change addresses along the way, an inter-school transfer is made easier among the many preschools managed by award-winning parent organisation Busy Bees Group.

Led by the right experts

Bright Path Preschool is helmed by centre director and psychologist Angelin Chua, who has had over 10 years of clinical experience and is a strong advocate for inclusive preschool education. The advisory team includes Busy Bees founders John Woodward and Margaret Randles, and other respected figures in the field.

Check it out yourself

Bright Path Preschool is holding a preview on March 24 from 10am to 2pm, where guests can tour the premises at 55 Fairways Drive and meet the school’s Early Childhood Specialists.

Registration is required for Open Day via www.brightpath.com.sg. For more information, call 6873-1777 or e-mail [email protected]

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