Protecting Children From Abuse -

Protecting Children From Abuse

parental responsibility laws

Parental Responsibility Laws are very confusing for most parents and the legal system itself. Laws that hold responsible parents civilly or legally liable for their offspring’s criminal activity have a murky history in the legal system. Some proponents believe these laws are the best possible way to put responsible parents on notice that if they fail to discipline their offspring into proper, acceptable ways, they could be held legally accountable for their offspring’s actions.

The question “are these laws good” may sound ridiculous, but it’s a valid concern of parents, especially when one parent tends to abuse their power. Parents have been very harsh in disciplining their children and going to extreme measures to ensure that their offspring will comply with their wishes. They may even use extreme punishments that can be dangerous to their child’s health and safety.

Know What Is Considered Criminal Activity

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One of the most frustrating aspects of the parental responsibilities laws is that parents need to know what is considered criminal activity. Parents need to be fully aware of what is and aren’t illegal behavior and how it can affect their child.

The intent behind the Parental Responsibility Law is to protect children from abusive and dangerous practices. This is why parents must be able to educate themselves about the laws properly.

Parents may be convicted of criminal conduct for things that would not have caused criminal charges under civil law. For example, it may be a parent who hit their child, which would cause a civil action rather than a criminal case.

It may also be a parent who drowns their child in their bathtub or uses drugs and alcohol with their child. Both of those situations would be considered crimes and could result in jail time or hefty fines. However, if a parent drowned the child, it would not result in a jail sentence, nor would it cause the parent to pay fines or attend therapy.

Differences Between Criminal Charges And Civil Charges

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Criminal charges are usually more serious than civil charges because the consequences are not only emotionally and physically devastating, but could be potentially fatal in many cases. These consequences include spending thousands of dollars on medical bills, losing wages, or even prison sentences.

The Parental Responsibility Law may be a good idea for parents to educate themselves before disciplining their offspring. Most of all, though parents should do their research and understand their rights and responsibilities as parents.

Parents must keep in mind that whatever actions they take to discipline their children are meant to help their child’s best interest. Parents cannot punish or embarrass a child and expect a different result.

The Parental Responsibility Laws are designed to ensure that children are well cared for, not abused and that the state makes all legal decisions. The Child Welfare System of each state is charged with enforcing these laws and enforcing them to the fullest extent.

Many parents are surprised to learn that they are guilty of criminal charges even if they have an attorney present because the process is so unfamiliar to them.

Final Words

The good thing about these laws is that they help to protect children from abuse and neglect. It is never too late to protect your child. The first step is educating yourself and understanding all of the rights you have to speak up when saying “no” to your parenting.

Parental Responsibility Laws are designed to make sure that children are safe in their homes. They are a great source of protection for any parent.

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