Preparing An Agreement For Child Custody - Preparing An Agreement For Child Custody -

Preparing An Agreement For Child Custody

Parental Responsibility Agreement

A parent’s application for a Parental Responsibility Agreement can be filed with the family court, a county court or even the supreme court.

The application must be prepared according to a specific form laid down in the Family Law Act and must include a detailed explanation of the reasons for granting the parenting rights, the date of the parent’s court decision and a copy of the parenting order. There are some other factors that the applicant should consider before filing his/her application. For example, he/she should carefully understand the provisions contained in the agreement, the procedure for filing it and the conditions and restrictions that may apply to his/her children as the result of the agreement.

If the parents live separately, then one parent may have to get a Parental Responsibility Agreement from the other parent, depending upon the legal situation in the state where the parents live. In such a case, the parent who will file the application for parenting rights must have a sufficient understanding of child custody law. It is important that the parent who has custody of the children should make it clear that he or she wants to continue with visitation arrangements.

Application For Custody Of The Children

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The other parent’s application for custody of the children must also be accompanied by a written explanation for the parents’ separation. It is always advisable that both parties have a lawyer prepare the application for child custody, as the former may have certain hidden factors of which the latter might have no knowledge. This way the judge will have enough information on which to base his/her decision. Also, it is better that one parent be represented by a professional lawyer who is competent and experienced when it comes to child custody matters.

Parents who live separately but have joint legal custody of their children, can also apply for a Parental Responsibility Agreement for the same purpose as the father does. However, in this case, there are certain additional conditions that the parent must meet before the court.

Parental Responsibility Agreement

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The first condition that the parent must fulfill in order to file a Parental Responsibility Agreement is the fact that he/she is fit and healthy enough to make decisions relating to the upbringing of the children. If they are in doubt, the court may ask for medical reports and advice from a doctor. If the parent has a history of heart problems, diabetes or high blood pressure, then it might be difficult for the judge to grant the parent’s application.

Secondly, the court will also ask the parent whether the children will go with the other parent if the agreement is signed. In other words, the agreement cannot be accepted unless the parents are not against each other. The court cannot give the permission to live together without the consent of the other parent and will order the parties to live separate lives.

Thirdly, the court will also ask for proof that the children’s health is not being threatened by the presence of the other parent in their homes. Again, it is important to prove that the other parent has not abused or neglected the children.

Relationship Between Parents

Lastly, the judge considers the relationship between the parents in deciding whether the parent has given up his/her parental rights or not. The judge will consider whether the parents share the responsibilities for the children. If they do not, then it becomes difficult for the court to give the parents an agreement for child custody. On the other hand, if the parents do share responsibilities, then the judge will probably grant the parent’s custody of the children if the parents are ready to take on these responsibilities.

It is important to note that if the other parent refuses to sign the agreement, then the father cannot proceed with his/her parent’s application for child custody, at least until the other parent signs the agreement. and pays the legal fees required by the court.

Final Verdict

Once the agreement has been approved, both parents will be entitled to continue living with the arrangement until a court hearing has been scheduled. At that time the judge will determine if the arrangement is satisfactory for both parents.

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