How to get your husband off his gadgets, spend more time with toddler


how to get husband to spend more time with child
Frustrated that your husband is spending more time on his gadgets than with you and your toddler? Here’s how you can turn the situation around.

Explain your concerns

If you continue to be quietly angry with your husband, nothing will change. Instead, explain that you feel there is an imbalance in the way he spends his time at home. Do this calmly, when you have a quiet moment together. He may not have realised how little attention he gives you and your toddler.

Consider the possibilities

Bear in mind that he might feel the need to divert most of his time to his gadgets because he doesn’t know how to interact with the little one. Some first-time dads struggle at first to connect with their young child, and smartphones and tablets provide a good way to avoid this challenge.

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Listen to his perspective

Give your man a chance to have his say. Perhaps he feels that he lacks the skills, or maybe you are critical of him whenever he tries to carry out a baby-care chore. He might just be afraid that he will accidentally hurt his precious kid. Listen to what he has to say.

Get him involved

Whatever the explanation for his gadget obsession, the best way to forge a bond with his little one is through hands-on involvement. Ask him to change, wash, feed and play with her – the more, the better.

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Limit gadget time

Try to reach an agreement with your husband that for a fixed time each day – say, the one hour between when he comes home at night and when your little one goes to bed – all his communication devices in the house are to be switched off. That will be a good start, and you can build up gadget-free time from there.

how to get husband to spend more time with child
Play your part

Make it clear that you will do the same with your gadgets as well. The plan will work only if you play your part, too. Your husband is more likely to agree to a communications blackout for an hour each day when he knows you are doing so with him. This will be challenging for both of you.

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Share activities together

To help boost his baby-care confidence, share some tasks with him, but make sure you don’t dominate. Let him take the lead. By all means, give him advice if he asks or if he seems to be having difficulty, but let him assume the main responsibility sometimes.

Give positive feedback

Your husband will respond to your praise – both about the way he manages the little one and how pleased you are that he is not glued to his phone all the time. It is important that you recognise his efforts and successes.

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Check out his progress

Encourage him to express his feelings and confidence as a parent and about managing for an hour without his devices. You may be surprised to find that he copes better than you expected.

Extend gadget-free time

Now that you can both manage for an hour a day without reaching for your gadgets, discuss about extending this. Perhaps you could be tech-free for two hours each day, and also during the weekends. You’ll both enjoy the benefits.


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