1st birthday: how to plan a carnival party like Bong Qiuqiu


She’s one year old, already?! Popular blogger Bong Qiuqiu’s baby Meredith, who grew up before our eyes on social media, celebrated her first birthday with a carnival party recently on March 4.

Why the carnival theme?

“I hope her life from the BIG 1 onwards, will be filled with happy people,” proud mama Qiuqiu (real name Qiuting) shares on her Instagram. “I don’t think anywhere else could have happier people than people at a carnival.”

How true, judging from the big smiles on her family members and friends, young and old.

Her party planners transformed the green field next to Starker Fresh Beer at Zhongshan Park into a carnival  complete with game stalls, balloons, full-size carousel horses and fairy lights.

Even the birthday invitation card was designed to look like a carnival ticket.

The kids got a sugar-high from macarons, candy floss and popcorns while adults were happy with free flow beer, chicken wings and pizza.

Choose your flavour of sng bao (Hokkien for ice pack, an old school sweet treat) here.

Clown Toss game stall: How many balls can you throw in? (Psst: Can you spot the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall across the road?)

Sharp Shooter game stall: Watch out, Doraemon!

Rubber Ducky Fishing game stall: Hey, good job, young man!

The young and the young-at-heart could exchange their hard-earned tickets from the game stalls here for soft toys and candies.

But we bet nothing warmed the hearts of Qiuqiu and her husband Joshua more than to see how happy their birthday girl was. (Click on the video!)

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