Positive Parenting – It’s Not All Good News!

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While positive parenting is a term used by parenting teachers to express what they believe it means, it is defined in different ways by different professionals. Some of the definitions use the word “utopian,” while others like the expression “child-centered parenting.” A child-centered parenting focus is always on children’s well-being and the welfare of the family as a whole. It doesn’t matter if it is a single parent raising her own children or a divorced couple with their own children, a child-centered parenting focus takes precedence over every other parent-child relation.

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting - It's Not All Good News!
Positive Parenting – It’s Not All Good News!

It refers to the unconditional, unselfish love and support shown to children, but also to teens, by parents. This is done in order to foster healthy adult relationships between the children and the adults in the family. It is much more than the reward or punishment given for behavior.

Respect for oneself and others is another essential ingredient in a positive parenting approach. Parents must give of themselves in order to earn respect. Other aspects of good parenting should be practiced as well. They include but are not limited to, monitoring the children’s time spent with friends, school and other outside activities, focusing on the role models that your children may have, and setting appropriate limits. Obedience and strictness in parenting, though not important are important in order to keep the parents and the children in alignment.

Negative Attitude

If there are negative attitudes towards parents from the outside, then positive parenting may be more appropriate. To remedy negative attitudes and rebuild the child-parent relations, the parents need to practice it. This will also make the children feel appreciated and loved by their parents.

It is a proven fact that children do better in homes with positive parenting. Children who receive unconditional love and praise form a stronger bond with their parents. The support offered by parents is the basis for positive parenting.

Relationship Effect On Positive Parenting

A positive relationship with parents can also help the child to cope with problems and conflicts in their life. Their role models also become role models for the child. This will help children develop the ability to face the future with confidence and self-esteem. If the child-parent relations become strained then children may tend to feel anxious and depressed.

The parent may not realize that by teaching their children the skills to cope with life and work, they are also encouraging them to look at things in a different light. Through positive parenting the child learns to see the positive aspects of life and if the child is able to hold a positive attitude towards their parents, then they too will develop a positive outlook.

Positive parenting can bring about a change in the family dynamics if the relationship has poor management or if there is some conflict in the family. By taking a positive attitude, parents are working to bring about a positive change in the relationships with their children and with their other family members.

Know More

To accomplish positive parenting one needs to spend time with the children and show them that you are on their side and that you love them. Find time to talk with them about any issues that are bothering you and how you are coping with the situation. What positive changes can you make to increase your relationship with your spouse? When you spend time with your children, how much do you have to talk about your problems?

I believe that positive parenting is a healthy way to live in the world. Positive parenting works well for both parents and children. So many families today are getting divorced due to lack of communication between the parents and the children. Parenting is a constantly changing field and this is what makes it a fascinating area to learn and grow.

Bottom Line

Positive Parenting - It's Not All Good News!
Positive Parenting – It’s Not All Good News!

Any parent that believes that they are a negative person is bound to experience anxiety with their children. They need to find out what exactly are their limitations and how can they handle a problem. How do you know if you are successful in your parenting efforts?

If you are a positive person, then a positive approach will help you find your way out of problems. It will enable you to become a better parent. Negative parenting is a surefire recipe for the destruction of a loving relationship.

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