Permissive Parenting: Do You Really Want To Practice It

permissive parenting

When people think of permissive parenting, they usually envision a teenager that is not too permissive and more of a child taking on the role of a responsible adult. This is not always the case. In some cases, children are actually much more compliant with permissive parenting styles. The key to this type of parenting is making sure your child knows their limits and boundaries and understands the rules of correct behavior. While there is definitely a time and place for permissive parenting, in most cases, it is better for a family to become more authoritarian and stricter.

An Overview

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There is a big difference between permissive parenting and authoritarian parenting. Typically, authoritative parenting is also permissive parenting in nature. Permissive parents often show their children that they are willing to share power and control with their children. authoritarian parents tend to do the opposite. They establish their authority and make sure that their children know that they will get what they want from them. It is important for children to feel like they have some control over their parents, even if that control is just in regard to certain areas of their lives.

With permissive parenting, kids tend to think that they can behave however they want and that their parents will never find out. This allows the kids to act out a lot, which can create behavioral problems in the home. Because the parents are not controlling their children anymore, the children have no reason to do anything but the required behaviors. This results in a more unruly and disruptive home.

Permissive Parenting Facts

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Children who grow up with permissive parenting habits may also be at risk for alcohol use among their peers. They tend to put themselves ahead of their friends in terms of social status, and they don’t set proper limits for themselves. Some kids may skip school or engage in excessive drinking to get by, which can result in peer pressure and even more substance abuse. Other kids may develop poor communication skills because they feel that they can talk their way through any problem. Because of their lack of self-control, they may become the target of bullies at school or in playgrounds, which can result in increased anxiety and insecurity.

Another problem that arises from this kind of parenting is that the child tends to have a low self-image. They think that they need to be a compliant submissive child in order to fit in. When they don’t do as they are told to do, their parents are not correcting them. They think that since they don’t set limits, their parents are not taking care of them. This can result in severe depression, insecurity, and mental health problems down the road.

When it comes to healthy child development, permissive parenting styles are not recommended. Instead, parents should teach their children how to set limits and take responsibility for their own behavior. This includes consequences for inappropriate behaviors. This is especially important when they are teenagers, because teenagers go through many changes during this time, and they need to learn how to deal with these changes in order to survive.

Bottom Line

If you are a permissive parent, chances are you will not be very happy with your decision. You might even think that you are doing the wrong thing. In order to change this parenting style, there are some very important things that parents need to do. Make sure that you do them and your family will benefit greatly.

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