Newborn Baby Girl Preparation Guide

Newborn Baby Girl Essentials Guide

Waiting for your little girl to arrive? Before you welcome your newborn baby girl, it’s time to prep up a bit. As you might be a little overwhelming, make everything easier with the help of this preparation guide. The guide depicts how to do advance planning, a well as things you need to organize in order to have hassle-free parenting afterward. Have a look:

Things You Will Need 

You need to shop for some essentials for your baby girl before she arrives. We put together these items in their respective categories to make your newborn baby girl shopping a lot simpler.

Newborn Baby Girl Preparation Guide
Newborn Baby Girl Preparation Guide


Whether you decide to breastfeed your little girl or give her formula, make sure to invest in lots of burp cloths, and bibs. You should have a nursing pillow for some time before you get used to breastfeeding. Besides, you also need breast pads and nursing bras if you choose to breastfeed. Furthermore, get a breast pump of your choice for emergencies. Purchase milk bottles and a good quality bottle brush. However, if you decide not to breastfeed your girl, get a formula and a thermal bottle carrier.  


Get a big packet of newborn-size diapers for your girl. You also need a changing mat for those diapering sessions. It is also advisable to invest in an outdoor diapering station that can be used for hassle-free diaper changing. Disposable wipes, washcloths, and diaper rash are other essentials you should buy. If you want to use reusable diapers, have 5-6 dozens beforehand along with some safety pins to secure them.


You will want to dress up your newborn baby girl as best you can. Fill up her wardrobe with a few cute rompers. Splurge on a pair or two of mittens to protect your girl’s hands. To dress up for parties and events, get a few fashionable outfits. You can also have some pairs of booties, dress-up shoes, and socks. To give her a comfortable sleep, she must have some night suits and 2 cotton blankets. For winters, you need 2 jackets, snowsuits, and wool blankets. Furthermore, get newborn hats and a baby laundry detergent.


Want to make your little girl’s bathtime a pleasant experience? For that, you need a bathtub, baby soap, baby shampoo, and 2 hooded towels. Also, get a few pairs of small towels for quick bathing. A baby hairbrush, some washcloths, moisturizers, and baby powder are other items that you should buy.


Newborn Baby Girl Preparation Guide
Newborn Baby Girl Preparation Guide

If you want your newborn baby girl to sleep in a crib, get a high-quality crib and crib mattress. Also, you should have some crib sheets, waterproof mattress covers, light blankets, and sleep rack. If you prefer co-sleeping, invest in some waterproof pads, a firm mattress, and a light comforter.

Other Necessities 

Some other necessities you need are:

  • Changing table.
  • Baby carrier.
  • Baby stroller.
  • Rocking chair.
  • Pacifiers (if you want to use them).
  • Baby toys.
  • Car seat and sunshade for windows.
  • Night lamp and white noise machine.
  • Basic medicines and baby thermometer.
  • Baby monitor.
  • Nail clippers.
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