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I Have Parental Responsibility For My Child – Who Do I Need to Talk To

i have parental responsibility what are my rights

What are the rights that I have as a parent? When I was a child, did I have parental responsibility? Do I still have those rights? These are some of the questions that I get asked all the time.

First, let me define “Policinal responsibility” as it relates to children. It is the responsibility of a parent to care for and to protect his or her child. There are certain legal and social issues that come into play when a parent has parental responsibility. Some of these issues include health care, education, welfare, and many others. So, when speaking with a lawyer, keep in mind that you are wanting to know your rights.

What Is Policinal Responsibility

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So now that I know what “Policinal responsibility” means, do I still have that right? Yes, you still have that right! Now, you may have heard “child support” and thought, “oh, that’s just another word for me to pay!” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Child support is NOT child support! It is a way for the court to pay for day-to-day living expenses of your child/children. So, do not think that you are getting a break when you pay this money. Your children need you. And, you should not have to pay this money because you have been “irreluctant” or “lazy” or whatever excuse you may come up with to avoid paying it.

So, when do I have parental responsibility for my child? Well, when you are legally married. At this point, the State is responsible for providing for your child/children. IF you have never been married, you will need to provide for them. IF you have been married and then have gotten a divorce, then you again become responsible for them. IF you have never been divorced and have children, then you are still responsible.

What happens if I don’t know who the father(s) are? Well, first of all, if you have already been revealed as the father(s), then you are relieved from this responsibility. If you haven’t been disclosed, then there is a chance that someone else may know who the father is. So, you will be required to prove that you are “fit” to care for the children. Your fitness will be verified through the results of a paternity test, a health examination, and interviews with doctors.

You Can Choose What Doctors Your Child Sees

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Does this mean that I don’t get to choose what doctor my child sees? No, that is not how you will get to have parental responsibility for your child. You can choose what doctors your child sees, just like you decide which doctors to take your child to for dental visits, and which ones to send them to for special care. This is also why you won’t have custody unless you prove that you are fit to be a full time parent, and that you are willing to make the sacrifices needed!

Why should I Have Parental Responsibility For My Child?

The simple answer is that you should do everything that you can to be responsible for the people in your life. Children are the product of their parents, and you can be held responsible if you do not raise them in a healthy environment. By making your parenting decisions based on this information, you will be doing everything in your power to be the best parent possible.

So how much responsibility do you have? As responsible as you are supposed to be, that doesn’t mean that you are the only one responsible for your child’s well being. You have joint physical custody, you have legal responsibilities, and you have financial responsibilities. You need to be sure that you spend as much time with your children as possible. If you are a stay at home parent, you have financial responsibilities as well, since you have to pay daycare and school fees as well.

What does “children’s responsibility” mean? This responsibility does not mean that you have to do your children’s laundry or that you have to put the groceries on their dining table. What it means is that you have to be the best parent possible, and that you are going to do your best for your child. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have other responsibilities as a parent, because you do! Children do have responsibilities to their parents, just like adults do.


Are you hoping to avoid spending money on a lawyer so that you don’t have to give a speech about your responsibility? If so, this article probably isn’t for you. This article is designed to help you make decisions about your parenting plan, not to tell you what you should do with your legal issues. If you have questions about your legal obligations, you will want to consult with a family law attorney in your jurisdiction.

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