Young Parents’ SG Parents’ Choice 2019/20: Meet the Editor’s Choice winners


Since 2017, Young Parents‘ SG Parents Choice has been the platform for Singapore families to vote for their favourite brands across various products and services, from education to baby care and more. Lucky voters also get to walk away with fabulous prizes in the process.

This year, we introduced a new category in Young Parents‘ SG Parents Choice 2019/20. The Editor’s Choice category confers our Editorial team’s seal of approval to a select group of preferred brands. Here are our picks, and scroll to the bottom to watch our video of all the winners in the Readers’ Choice and Editor’s Choice categories!

Children’s Art School: Artary

Your budding little artist is in good hands at Artary, Singapore’s largest children’s fine art academy. Its progressive classes and broad-based curriculum allow your kids to build a strong foundation. Its experts share valuable tips on how to teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers how to draw in this article.

Children’s Music Programme: Cristofori Music School

With its engaging music lessons, you’ll never have to worry about motivating your little ones to practise when they’re enrolled at Cristofori Music School. The teachers here tailor lessons for each student so kids are always excited about learning. Learn more here.

IP Camera: D-Link

The feature-packed surveillance cameras from D-Link are a boon for busy parents who want peace of mind. From wireless units that you can place anywhere to auto-tracking that follows your little ones as they move around, there’s a model perfect for your family’s needs. Find out more here.

Drum School: Drum Tutor

Did you know that drumming is good for brain health and hones problem-solving skills? Helmed by an award-winning Singapore percussion maestro, Drum Tutor is the place to learn drumming without the stress. That’s because Singapore drum maestro Er Chow Kiat has developed a unique teaching method.

Preschool & Enrichment Centre: Growing Up Gifted

You’re probably familiar with Growing Up Gifted’s enrichment arm, but did you know that it also has a preschool? Its award-winning GUG curriculum even incorporates gifted education – and your child doesn’t need to be gifted to benefit from it. Read more about its 5-Point Intelligence (5PI) methodology that helps your kid develop higher order thinking skills, which will help her in primary school and in life.

Inquiry-based Childcare Programme: Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse

This multi-award-winning preschool offers a holistic education to prepare your kids for future challenges and to be resilient leaders. At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, your little ones can explore, discover and learn in an engaging environment. Learn more about how it nurtures your child here.

Brain Training Programme: Kuno Method

Many parents associate brain training with babies and flash cards, but Kuno Method offers a unique experiential brain training programme that develops both right- and left-brain abilities. In fact, its programme is ideal for parents of preschoolers who want to prepare their kids for the rigours of primary school and beyond. Read more about it here.

Character Development Childcare Programme: Agape Little Uni.

This preschool is loved for its home-away-from-home vibes, and its strong character-building programme. Beyond just preparing them for school, Agape Little Uni. develops the life skills and values your kids need to succeed in life. And as a partner operator (POP) preschool, this quality education comes at an affordable fee. Learn more here.

Watch the full list of winners in the Readers’ Choice and Editor’s Choice categories:

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