Why fathers should bond with their children


Fathers encourage competition, independence and achievement. A father’s influence on a child starts as early as birth. 

A kid with a more-involved dad is more likely to be emotionally secure, confident, sociable and better at problem-solving.

There are many ways dads can get involved in the little one’s early years. At home, he can establish a routine for specific activities.

For example, he can set aside time to read with your toddler. The ability to read, after all, is a critical skill for a child’s success.

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He can also participate in activities organised by your child’s school. Attending parent-teacher conferences enables him to keep up with the kid’s development and progress in school.

A little goes a long way; even a simple activity like having dinner together can have a long-lasting effect on the relationship between dad and child. 

Heng Tsui Fern, Senior principal of Nurturestars at Safra Jurong contributed this article. 

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