Watch: You won’t believe what Fann Wong’s 3 year old son did to his face!


Life with a three year old is unpredictable, even if you’re a celebrity mum like Fann Wong. On April 23, she posted a hilarious video on Instagram of her son, Zed, who had coloured his face with markers and was prancing around happily.

In the video, Fann is heard asking Zed: “Are you a commando?” To which he replies: “I’m a bear!”

She asks: “Are you ready for NS?” and he says: “I’m a rabbit!”

Daddy Christopher Lee is heard in the background saying: “Very good, I like it. Papa like it. Continue.”

Fann’s caption for the post read: I’m only away for 10 min…….. @aiainbaby 🤢洗不掉啦” (Chinese for cannot be washed away).

Helpful fans chimed in with suggestions on how to remove the markers. (Story continues below video)


I’m only away for 10 min…….. @aiainbaby 🤢洗不掉啦

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She later posted another photo of Zed with this caption in Chinese: “Thanks for everyone’s concern! I no longer look like the Incredible Hulk today. Mummy used toothpaste on me — Nuk child’s toothpaste (This is not an advertisement. I’m just thinking that mummies will want to know the specific brand). Now I’m all cleaned up and can go to school.”

What a cutie Zed is! And we think he may just have inherited his mummy’s artistic talent, too.

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