Video: Kate Pang on marriage, motherhood and work-life balance


When celebrity mum Kate Pang announced her departure from Mediacorp in October 2017, it came as no surprise. After all, the 35-year-old is one devoted mum who put her promising future in showbiz on hold when her little ones came along – Aden is now four; and Avery, two.

She and actor-hubby Andie Chen, 33, are now focusing on their Youtube channel, Kandie Family, where they cover parenting topics such as child-rearing, health and nutrition, and pregnancy. Their aim: To show young adults that “having a family can be fruitful and ridiculously fun”.

But the road leading to this was not an easy one. The bubbly mum opens up to Young Parents over coffee at Park Hotel Clarke Quay about her parenthood journey, and how having children almost ruined her loving relationship with Andie.

Watch our video interview with her, or read the full story here.

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