This is how Stefanie Sun teaches her 5 year old son to be kind


When was the last time you spoke to a child about… kindness?

As part of a new initiative by the Singapore Kindness Movement, this episodic web series, Kindversations, showcases the perspectives of well-known Singaporeans as they speak to children of various ages about – yes you guessed it, kindness.

In this episode, Singapore’s Mandopop queen, Stefanie Sun shares her thoughts on music, parenting and kindness with 11-year-old Sarah.

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We wouldn’t give away the crux of this interview, but what is Stefanie’s take on parenting? Why is she so protective over her five-year-old son? And, why did she pick up a ribbon on the floor when she was out with him?

Watch the video below to find out.

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(Photo: Stefanie Sun Yan Zi international fan club)

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