Stain removal guide: How to remove baby poop, chocolate, ink, curry from clothes


Stains are an inevitable part of life with kids. From baby clothing soiled by poop to chocolate smears all over your kid’s favourite T-shirt, you’re battling stains on a regular basis.

The good news is that you can use a host of common household products, from toothpaste to dishwashing liquid and  even eggs to get rid of these pesky stains. The trick is to act fast before the stain sets.

Save this stain removal guide – you never know when you’ll need it!

1. To remove baby poop stains on clothes: Use dishwashing liquid

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2. To remove chocolate: Use milk

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3. To remove ink: Use toothpaste

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4. To remove sweat stains: Use aspirin

How to remove sweat stains

5. To remove oil: Use baby powder + dishwashing liquid

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6. To remove blood: Use vinegar
7. To remove curry: Use cold water, dishwashing liquid + lemon juice
8. To remove grass stains: Use hand sanitiser
9. To remove lipstick: Use rubbing alcohol
10. To remove coffee stains: Use an egg
11. To remove red wine: Use salt, cold water + detergent

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