Singapore celebrity parents take on #10yearchallenge


It has been a really hectic month for social media users with many viral challenges popping up. First up was the Bird Box Challenge, where people filmed themselves going about their daily tasks while blindfolded (warning: don’t do it).

Then an egg came out of nowhere and dethroned Kylie Jenner to become the most-liked photo on Instagram.

Now, another challenge has taken the Internet by storm. The best part? We are only halfway through January.

The latest craze to sweep the Internet, the #10yearchallenge, has people sharing a photo of themselves taken 10 years ago, alongside with a current picture of them.

Through these pictures, others can see how their appearance has changed over the years, be it for the worse or for the better. Hopefully, it’s the latter.

The trend has also made its way to Singapore as local celebrities and influencers hop on board the bandwagon. Many of them look just as, if not more, stunning as they did 10 years ago (we’re not sure what magic was done), while others seemed to have aged gracefully.

Check out the list of famous mums and dads who took on the #10yearchallenge.

Ben Yeo

For Ben, the #10yearchallenge is an adorable display of how both he and his son have grown over the past decade.


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Our 10yrs challenge. . . . #10yearchallenge #fatherandson

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Vernon A

The second-time dad must be proud of how far he has come!


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Here it is! In 2009, there was such thing as a Fat Vernon! #10yearchallenge #BabyLiam

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Referring to the plastic surgeries this influencer queen has gone through, one fan commented: “Omg u actually look prettier now. 😘 Worth every pain u endured. Xoxo.”


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Since everyone is doing the #tenyearchallenge here’s mine! Old photo courtesy of @heyrozz from her Facebook lol 😂 it’s hard for me to find an unedited photo of myself coz I usually post pics edited! And the after photo is completely unedited as well. ⠀ Apparently in 2009 I was an oompa loompa fml. I was crazy into tanning, had blonde hair, blonde brows, and haven’t fixed my teeth with Invisalign, done gum reduction or done my eyes yet. This was my first nose job. ⠀ Improved lah hor? Haha… now for the real difference which is the #20yearchallenge 😅 ⠀ #2009vs2019

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Min Lee

Bravo to the famed violinist for her hilarious take on what having kids can do to parents!


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Here’s my #10yearchallenge pic. On the left, 2009: BC before children) and on the right, 2019: life after Mom face Grrr! #momlife #lifeafterkids #lovingit #violinist #violino #violin

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Lee Hsien Loong

Even Singapore’s Prime Minister jumped on the #10yearchallenge bandwagon, showing a lighter side of himself.


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2009 vs 2019: I kid myself that not much has changed after 10 years, other than my hair colour and hair line! My hair is greyer and thinner, but I’m still enjoying what I do. 🙂 – LHL #10YearChallenge
#MerdekaGeneration (L: Photo from Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore / R: MCI Photo by Betty Chua)

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Tan Chuan-Jin

The Speaker of Parliament and father of two teenagers decided to up the stakes and do a #50yearchallenge. His daughter can be seen in one of the photos.


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Let’s up the stakes. #50YearChallenge anyone?! 😂 #10YearChallenge x 5. First image at 2 weeks old. Second one with family in Botanic Gardens, third was at scholarship presentation (sorry, had to crop PM out of the picture!), fourth with daughter at Xiao Guilin, 5th during one of the gazillion NDP rehearsals and last just taken last week in Tasmania. 50 full years. Grateful for the many blessings 🙏🏻

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Kate Pang

The actress-host and mum-of-two was inspired to take on the #10yearchallenge after seeing Prime Minister Lee’s post.


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10年前一直演妈妈的我,10年后真的有自己的孩子了! – 看到李总理 @leehsienloong po 10年前的照片,我忍不住也去fb翻去以前的旧照片,看到好多当时拍广告的回忆,实在太有意思了! – 不知道照片中的小女生现在身在何方~我还记得她叫Katie哦!虽然当天拍摄时间非常离谱的长,但还是觉得很开心,印象最深刻的就是,导演说:「待会儿再请妈妈引导她。」Kaite很气愤的说:「谁都不可以赢倒我!!!」(当下我们正在跟她玩剪刀石头布逗她开心~~🤣🤣) – 小朋友童言童语真的太可爱了! – #10yearchallenge #katepang #katie #actress #host

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May Phua

In their comments, fans marvelled at how the mum-of-two appeared to have ‘aged backwards’.


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Year 2009 in another few weeks actually #10yearschallenge the youngest was born😊. What a journey it has been! The oldest is 14yrs and the youngest 10yrs old now. I have a lot to thank for. The universe, my family, my kind employers and my hubby for providing🙏🏻. Then I wasn’t a lot of what I am now or can do what I can do now nor do less of what I did in the past. But I’m trying to embrace it all especially on bad days, constantly encouraging myself to #moveon while bearing in mind #myshortcomings . What would another #10yearslater be? . . . #somuchmemories #unbelievable #neverthoughticould #thenwhenijustgavebirth

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Jaime Teo

And how about this paw-some photo featuring Jaime’s pet cat which basically looks the same.


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I’ve clearly grown up some these 10years and am not as bright eyed as in my youth. I’m also rather resigned to life and content to stay still instead of running off all the time. That’s what age does to you. Unless you’re my mommy, then you’ll be running around more (she runs around in these closed rooms chasing a ball, talk about childish). Time. Waits for no cat. – Miss G. . . #10yearchallenge #2009vs2019 #thoughtsofacat #olderandwiser #fomo #jointhecrowd

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Lian Meiting

This popular influencer now has “a new sidekick for life”.


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#10yearchallenge I was 22, partying every week, twice a week, god knows what I was doing or working as back then, living day by day, spending all my money on new makeup, hangover never existed cause youth. Turning 32 this year, & I wear less makeup, less revealing clothes, zero partying nights & I’ve got a new sidekick for life.

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Zhu Houren & son Joel Choo

The veteran actor upped the stakes by posting a #30yearchallenge. Whoa.


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His son Joel, who is also in the showbusiness, chimed in.


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#10yearchallenge I took pride in my sideburns and had a Alex Turner inspired mop top haircut #favouriteworstnightmare

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And more sweet couples took the chance to walk down memory lane…

Tay Kewei & Alfred Sim


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2015 when we got engaged 💍 2005 when we were dating 👫 We pretty much look the same from 2009 till now so just had to go even further back to @zolalfredo’s blonde days 😂 #10yearchallenge #alfredxkewei

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Cheryl Wee & husband Roy Fong


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2009 vs 2019 Lots has happened in between But some things stay the same . 22 then. I was into my last year of Uni and @roy_fong was entering Uni. . Entered my 1st pageant, Miss Singapore Universe in secret from my parents, which I had to come clean by the finals; came in 2nd runner-up, and Roy has been my biggest cheerlead since, with his cool cut crew @aaronlim25 @audreylingg @cedchua @drsu.shengle . Played dress up fulfil my childhood princess Jasmine dreams, and found Prince Abu along the way. . . #10yearchallenge

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Melody Chen & Randall Tan


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2008 : Honeymoon in Bali, hoping to start a family as soon as we can on our new journey together! 😅 2018 : OMG, what a marriage! Ups and downs, ins and outs. Finally, a family of 4 with a pair of newborn twins. I’m glad we never gave up on US. Onward to the next 10! 💕 #10yearchallenge #mezzaran #mezzarantravels #imissmylonghair #ohhowihaveaged #husbandgothotter

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(Photos: Celebrities’ respective Instagram)

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