How to make a dessert table for children’s parties


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Dessert tables look so impressive on Instagram, but how do you achieve that look for your kids’ celebration without the help of a party planner? Grace Goh of Dreams and Confetti offers her advice. 

If you have 30 guests, offer at least six dessert options with 24 pieces of each type. Popular items include cupcakes, dessert shooters, cake pops, cookies, tartlets, and marshmallow pops. And a centrepiece cake is a must.

MIX IT UP You can add savoury desserts, but for a picture-perfect table, it may be best to separate them from the more photogenic sweet snacks.

PICK A THEME Preschoolers generally like themes related to their favourite show or toy, but if you have a mix of ages, universally popular themes include sweet florals, carousels, vintage, Lego, vehicles and animals.

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