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Your kid has bad posture? It’s more damaging than you think.

Slouching may feel good, but it’s only temporary relief, says Terrence Yap from Atlas Chiropractic Clinic. It actually stretches connective tissues and ligaments.

Prolonged bad posture may cause these to loosen permanently, he explains. The spine also has a natural curve, which acts like a spring and absorbs shock.

Slouching destroys this innate curvature. Do it too often and the muscles will eventually adapt to a slouching position rather than a straight one.

Terrence has seen an increase in the number of kids with posture-related problems at his clinic. Even if your child doesn’t see or feel the effects of bad posture now, he will in 10 to 20 years’ time. That’s how long it can take for the damage to surface.

Tips for good posture
Instead of slouching, teach your child to sit back and allow the back of the chair to fully support his spine when he feels tired.

Make sure he can firmly place his feet flat on the floor with his knees bent at 90 degrees, even when he’s resting this way.

If he can’t, or if his knees are pressing against the edge of the chair and affecting his blood circulation, the chair is too deep and not suitable for him.

The height of his chair in relation to that of his table is important, too. Terrence recommends the chair and table height guide from Community Playthings (Click on “Age and Height Guidelines” on the web page to download a PDF document).

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