First look: Hamleys toy store opens in Singapore


Stephanie Yeo
[email protected]

“Thank you for playing” is what you see as you exit Hamleys, the iconic toy store from Britain that opened its doors in Plaza Singapura on July 23. True to its promise, the “finest toy shop in the world” has plenty of hands-on fun for the little ones.

Here’s what we discovered at the media preview:

IT’S COMPACT, BUT PACKED Occupying 12,000 sq ft over two floors where Gap used to be, Hamleys Singapore is small compared to its London HQ, which spans seven floors. But you can still find over 10,000 products here, which makes it worth a visit.

TOUCH AND PLAY Unlike some toys stores, where everything’s shrink-wrapped and do-not-touch is the order of the day, Hamleys encourages kids to do what comes naturally in a toy store – hold, hug, take it apart, try before you buy. You’ll find several carts and play areas in-store where fun-loving staff will engage children in demos.


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