Best modest fashion outfits for Hari Raya 2018 and beyond


The modest fashion industry in Singapore and worldwide has grown so tremendously that now women are spoilt for choice when it comes to outfits for Hari Raya, weddings and other dressy occasions.

From the traditional ethnic prints on baju kurungs to the long-sleeved maxi dresses with delicate embroidery details that you see all over Instagram, Raya outfits are getting more modern, following mainstream fashion trends, but many still upkeep the traditional essence.

We’ve rounded up a wide selection of great modest fashion pieces that will last beyond Hari Raya. They’re available online as well, so your outfit for the festive celebration is right at your fingertips!

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1. Scilla Overlap Ruchet Sleeves Kurung Set In Dusty Pink

A traditional wear with a modern touch, you bet everyone will be asking you where you bought your outfit from.

Order it here.

Price: $180.62

Brand: Mimpikita

2. Beatrice Kurung

Gold is the way to go – always.

Order it here.

Price: $128.28

Brand: Petra

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3. QaysaaHijabs Kurung Ghaziyah Emerald

This gorgeous fit and flare outfit will give you just the perfect silhouette.

Order it here.

Price: $63.19

Brand: Physicon Malaysia

4. Suraya Kebarung

If you’re into modern wear, this gorgeous piece looks like it can be found at trendy online stores.

Order it here.

Price: $240.39

Brand: AFIQ M.

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5. Kurung Shah Alam In Dusty Lavender

This statement piece which flares from the waist will elongate your figure effortlessly.

Order it here.

Price: $205.05

Brand: Fashion Valet

6. Zalia Jacquard Peplum Mermaid Dress

Florals are a good way to stand out when the others are dressed in plain colours.

Order it here.

Price: $93.90

Brand: Zalora

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7. Kurung Pahang In Dusty Pink

In love with pastel hues? This versatile outfit can be worn on other occasions besides Raya.

Order it here.

Price: $130

Brand: Adrianna Yariqa

8. Leyla Kurung – Nude

There’s still something about nude coloured two-piece dresses. Look like a princess with this two-piece kurung set with embroidered details.

Order it here.

Price: $115.42

Brand: Petra

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9. Zalia Placement Floral Embroidered Dress

How cute is this white floral frock! This can be worn on date nights and wedding dinners too.

Order it here.

Price: $99.90

Brand: Zalora

10. Nadeera Mint Kebaya

Go visiting in style and elegance with this flowery and lacey kebaya set.

Order it here.

Price: $216.98

Brand: AFIQ M.

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11. Khanaan for ZALORA Dress Jovana

If you’re looking for something casual but still equally stunning, this multi-tone dress with bead embellishments is for you.

Order it here.

Price: $266.90

Brand: Zalora

12. Cempaka Kurung In Yellow

No denying how eye-catching this yellow piece is. The laces on the sleeves add such a feminine and classy touch to the overall look.

Order it here.

Price: $94.06

Brand: Fashion Valet

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