3 new Japanese restaurants to visit with the family


Nikki Fung
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Emporium Shokuhin, #01-18 Marina Square

The customised ramen is the main dish at this eatery, but the star dish when we visited turned out to be the seafood gyoza. Priced at $7.80 for a plate of five, the dumplings are generously filled with pork and crab and have a deliciously crisp pan-fried skin. We recommend dropping what you’re doing and eat these the moment they’re delivered to your table.


Speaking of delivery, we were surprised, when the bamboo curtain in the small window at the end of our booth popped open and our ramen was placed on our table by a waiter. The plus side to this? It means that the food is delivered piping-hot, directly from the kitchen. Both booth and individual counter seating is available. 


Customer-favourite ramen broths are the Special Ultimate Blend, the Tonkotsu broth, and the Tonkotsu Black Garlic Ma-Yu broth. Customise your bowl by choosing salt and spice levels, as well as your noodle texture. Additional toppings (from $1 and up) include ajitsuke tamago (soft-boiled eggs), chashu, nori, corn, and more. Another top-seller is the moyashi (marinated beansprouts, $3.80).  

Emporium Shokuhin, #01-08 Marina Square

Love sushi? Then be sure to pop by Senmi Sushi. The name means “taste of freshness” and it didn’t disappoint – fresh fish is easy to come by for the restaurant, thanks to the live seafood market at the emporium. It’s paired with delicious seasoned Hokkaido rice.

A highlight here is the option to create your own chirashi don. Start with the basic bowl, which comes with tamago, salmon and cucumber, then spice it up with a minimum of three additional toppings. It’s perfect for those who are picky with their dons.

Or if you’re dining with a couple of friends, you can order a giant chirashi don. Available in with regular and premium options, it has enough for two to three people to share. Take note that this is not customisable, but does include delicious toppings including swordfish, tuna belly, scallops and prawn in addition to the usual cucumber and salmon. 


It’s also worth it to try one of the Super California-style makis. The base maki has avocado, crab and cucumber in rice, and the entire roll is then wrapped in a delicious layer of toppings. We tried the Flamed Salmon maki (yum!), wrapped with a layer of torched salmon, and the Dynamite maki, which is wrapped in sliced A5 Miyazaki beef (yummier!). 

Eat at Seven, #03-303 Suntec City Mall

If you’re used to staying away from ramen because of the pork broth and ingredients, check out Menya Takeichi, which joins the  Japanese dining cluster Eat at Seven at Suntec City Mall. Said to be Tokyo’s top chicken ramen chain – it has 40 outlets in Japan, all opened in the last four years – the menu has no pork or lard. 

Try its signature Chicken Paitan Ramen, which has a collagen-filled broth made from simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet for hours. The final product: thick, rich, creamy broth paired with ramen, soft boiled egg, tender chicken slices and chicken balls.

If you find the broth to be too strong for your tastes, you can lighten it up to your liking by adding some of the clear bonito soup, which is available in thermos at every table. 


Appetizers and side dishes include potato salad in nikumiso and mentaiko variations, fried chicken with tartar sauce, chicken ball rice and chicken tempura rice. 


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