18 best cookies and cakes for Chinese New Year 2017


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1. Kueh Bangkit 
$19.90 (320g), from Harrianns, all outlets including #01-01A, 230 Victoria Street, tel: 6238-1200.
These melted in our mouths so fast, we barely had time to savour them. But what lingered was a fragrant coconut flavour. Plus, they were not too sweet.

2. Almond cookies
$19.90 (460g), from Harrianns.
On the powdery side, these also melted in our mouths and left us with crushed almond bits. The strange part: they tasted more like peanut cookies.

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3. Pineapple tarts
$35 (700g), from Bengawan Solo, all outlets including #B2-59 Plaza Singapura, tel: 6835-8137.
A milky, flaky crust encased the pineapple jam, which had a tart bite. They were petite, too, so it was easy to pop one after another into our mouths!

4. Almond cookies
$16.90 (40), from Fancy Delight, all outlets including #01-04 Kilat Court, 17 Lorong Kilat, tel: 6469-4606.
These pretty heart shapes were topped with almond slivers and egg-washed for a beautiful golden brown. The almond taste was fragrant and strong, lingering long after the cookie was finished.

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5 & 6. Kue Lapis Legit Original and Plum
$90 (1.8kg Original) and $95 (1.8kg Plum), from Indochili, 54 Zion Road, tel: 6445-1766 and #B1-03 Tanjong Pagar Centre, tel: 6386-6427.
Both were good. The original with almond flakes had a soft yet chewy bite, and a fresh nutty fragrance. The large prune slices covered a good part of the top of the cake and were spread between the layers. They weren’t too wet, sweet or sour, and complemented the kueh lapis well.

7. Nonya Peranakan Love Letters, tightly rolled 
$26 (100), from Baker’s Well, 35 East Coast Road, tel: 6348-6864.
More tightly rolled than the crumbly, ones we were used to, these were crisp and fragrant with a pleasant, strong coconut aftertaste. Some of us found them too sweet.

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