15 cool outfits for kids this Christmas 2017


Cotton Peter Pan collar blouse, $49, and cotton skirt, $44, both from www.chateaudesable.com. Hairclip, $11.95, from www.seedheritage.com. Brooch, $18, from www.kookiesandmilk.com. Mary Janes, $29.90, from www.mothercare.com.sg

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Left Cotton pullover, $55.90, and cotton joggers, $55.90, both from www.tinyurl.com/GuessKidsSG. Cotton button-down shirt (layered), $44, from www.chateaudesable.com. Sneakers, $44.95, from www.seedheritage.com

Right Cotton polyester knitted dress, $44.90, from www.mothercare.com.sg. Cotton polo neck blouse (layered underneath, part of pinafore dress set), $84.90, from http://global.marksandspencer.com/sg. Mesh tulle overlay skirt, $29.90, from www.zara.com/sg. Mel by Melissa jelly pumps, $100, from www.mdreams.com.sg. Velvet headpiece, stylist’s own

Left Cotton Mandarin collar button-down shirt, $41, and matching cotton scarf, $24, both from www.chateaudesable.com. Cotton chino pants, $54.90, from www.fb.com/GingersnapsSG. Emu canvas sneakers, $59, from www.mothercare.com.sg. Striped paper cup, stylist’s own

Right Cotton bell-sleeved striped tee, $18.90, and Mini Melissa glitter jelly sneakers, $90, both from www.mothercare.com.sg. Pleather pleated skirt, $55.90, www.tinyurl.com/GuessKidsSG. Mesh headband, $14, from www.chateaudesable.com. Cotton glitter dotted ankle socks, $9.90, fromwww.zara.com/sg

Left Knitted cotton pullover set, $214, and cotton dress pants with belt, $196, both from www.nicholas-bears.sg

Right Faux fur bomber jacket, $119.90, from www.tinyurl.com/GuessKidsSG. Cotton mesh collared striped tee (layered underneath), $32, from www.chateaudesable.com. Mesh tulle printed skirt, $39.95, and floral embellished headband, $16.95, both from www.seedheritage.com. Cotton glitter dotted ankle socks, $9.90, fromwww.zara.com/sg. Mini Melissa glitter jelly sneakers, $90, from www.mothercare.com.sg

Left Tweed cape, $357, and tweed shorts, $169, both from www.nicholas-bears.sg. Cotton Hello Kitty ruffled blouse (layered underneath), $49, from www.lzzie.com. Pleather headband, stylist’s own

Right Cotton tulle dress, $74, from www.chateaudesable.com. Bead bracelets, $7.95 each, from www.seedheritage.com. Diamante headpiece, stylist’s own

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Left Cotton striped blazer with hoodie, $470, and matching pants, $207, and cotton white button-down shirt, $157, all from www.nicholas-bears.sg. Emu bumblebee sneakers, $59, from www.mothercare.com.sg

Right Cotton plaid dress, $49.90, from onlinefoxfashion.myshopify.com. Tulle glitter skirt, $39, from www.chateaudesable.com. Beaded necklace, $13.90, from www.fb.com/GingersnapsSG. Cotton glitter dotted ankle socks, $9.90, from www.zara.com/sg. Mel by Melissa glitter jelly pumps, $110, from mdreams.com.sg. Glitter jelly handbag, $29.95, from www.seedheritage.com. Headpiece, stylist’s own

Left Cotton checkered button-down shirt, $46, cotton shorts, $44, and cotton bowtie, $24, all from www.chateaudesable.com. Suede loafers, $34.90, from www.mothercare.com.sg

Right Cotton polyester sequinned dress, $129.90, from www.tinyurl.com/GuessKidsSG. Satin bomber jacket, $69.90, from www.fb.com/GingersnapsSG. Headband, $16.95, pleather mini sling bag, $24.95, and jelly sandals, $29.95, all from www.seedheritage.com

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Left Cotton button-down shirt, $59.90, and denim cotton jeans, $65.90, both from www.tinyurl.com/GuessKidsSG. Knitted cotton pullover, $44, and bow tie, $24, both from www.chateaudesable.com. Emu lion canvas slip-on sneakers, $59, from www.mothercare.com.sg

Right Cotton checkered button-down shirt (layered underneath), $34.90, and denim cotton jeans with suspenders, $49.90, both from onlinefoxfashion.myshopify.com. Knitted cotton pullover, $59.90, from www.tinyurl.com/GuessKidsSG. Shoes, model’s own

Watch our video below to see these adorable Christmas party outfits in more detail!

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