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Facts About Sole Parental Responsibility That Will Impress Your Friends

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If you do not know how this works, you may want to reread this article so you understand the basics about sole parental responsibility in Florida.

Parental responsibility is defined as being the responsibility of two or more parents. Parents can be individuals, couples, or groups. There is no defined period within which the parents must co-parent the child. This means that the parents are free to work on the children’s development at any time with no interference from other family members.

Involved In The Day To Day Lives

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The sole parental responsibility law in Florida requires the parents to be constantly involved in the day to day lives of their children. They must use their best efforts to guide, counsel, teach, and lead their children. If a parent neglects his or her duties, then it is up to the state to step in and provide that parent with the assistance they need to help their child grow and become successful.

At times, when a child is ill or comes into the world with an illness, it may seem that the sole caretaker of the child is the child’s whole family. However, this is not the case. This is where sole parental rights come into play.

Very Difficult To Give Up

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In order for a parent to have sole parental responsibility, they have to be involved in their children’s lives at all times. They have to be actively involved in their children’s lives and not just allow the others to come and go as they please. A parent must be involved in everything, from the decision making about the education of the child, to the medical treatments that their child receives. They must also be aware of the decisions that are made regarding medical, educational, religious, and even emotional issues that affect the lives of their child.

It must be noted that sole parental responsibility is very difficult to give up. In most cases, if a child has a serious illness, then the parent who is solely responsible will be forced to give up their parental rights. This is a very difficult decision to make and one that is often not made with a lot of success. There will be many sleepless nights, phone calls, and meetings that are taken out of the parent’s hands because of the sole caretaker’s inability to care for their child.

Feel It Is Your Responsibility

As mentioned, a sole parental responsibility can be quite difficult to give up. It is important to understand that this is not because you don’t love your child, but because you feel it is your responsibility to be involved in their life. Even if you have never been involved in your child’s life before, it is important to remember that when you do have parental responsibilities it can greatly enhance and strengthen the bond between the parent and child. 

It will no doubt bring you closer to your child than you have ever been before. The responsibility of sole parental responsibility does not end with just looking after your child, but it actually extends into all areas of their lives.


As a parent, sole parental responsibility means being involved in all areas of the children’s lives. This may mean that you help take them to school or that you help pay for their school fees. You also have their daily chores and decisions to make regarding where they live. You are essentially their first and only true parent, because you are the one that raised them (somewhat). It may be hard at first, but once you see how much importance your child has to their life, you will understand just how valuable your role is.

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