Breast Pump Guide: How To Choose The Right One

Breast Pump Guide: How To Choose The Right Breast Pump

If you have just welcomed a baby, you might be planning to invest in a breast pump. No doubt you might have decided to directly feed your baby full-time; there can be chances when you have to leave your baby with others for some time. So, it’s important to invest in a good pump. As there are many models and types of breast pumps available in the market, choosing the right one can be a bit difficult. To help you make the right choice, we have come up with this breast pump guide. Make sure you follow it before actually buying:

Choosing The Right Type Of Breast Pump

The decision of buying the type of pump will depend on how frequently you will use the pump. Generally, there are three kinds of breast pumps – manual, battery-operated, and electric.

Breast Pump Guide: How To Choose The Right One
Breast Pump Guide: How To Choose The Right One

Manual Breast Pumps: Pump Guide

Manual breast pumps involve a handle that is squeezed whenever you want to express milk from your breasts. The collected milk goes into the attached bottle or container. Some of these pumps come with a small tube that gets pumped inward and outward of a bigger tube so as to generate a vacuum that helps to extract milk. Many models of manual pumps come in bulb-style that consist of a rubber ball that resembles a bicycle horn. This ball attached to the breast-shield is squeezed to create a vacuum.

Manual breast pumps are more affordable than other pump models. They are noiseless and handy. However, they will need a lot of effort and hence are not ideal for frequent expressing.

Electric Breast Pumps/Battery-Powered

These kinds of breast pumps work on electricity or batteries to power their motorized pump which is designed to create suction and thereby extract milk. These kinds of pumps generally consist of or more tubes that connect the breast-shield. The advantage of these pumps is that they allow you to control the degree of suction via a switch or dial.

Electric or battery-operated breast pumps are convenient as well as easy to use. Thanks to their motor that pumps for you! Well, electric pumps have two versions – single breast and double breast pump. While a single breast pump is ideal for periodic expression, a double breast pump is perfect for expressing frequently.

Consider A Hands-Free Breast Pump

Breast Pump Guide: How To Choose The Right One
Breast Pump Guide: How To Choose The Right One

If you want to do multi-tasking rather than just sit and express the milk, a hands-free model is an ideal buy. Many models of these pumps are wearable. You can place them inside your bra and let it do all the pumping without making others aware of it. Read the breast pump guide of these pumps before investing in them.

Buying The Breast Pump: Pump Guide

Determine how much money you can spend on the breast pump. Then depending on your needs, buy a pump from a drugstore, baby store, or medical shop. If you are purchasing the electric/battery-operated pump online, make sure to get it from a reputable and genuine online dealer. Try not to buy a second-hand breast pump as there is a possibility of contamination. You can also consider renting a new electric/battery-operated breast pump from a medical supply store.

Read this breast pump guide carefully before making a decision!

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