How To Be A Positive Parent

Baby and Mother

Building a positive relationship with children, understanding child psychology, tacking behavioral issues and other aspects of good parenting may be difficult especially for first-time parents. In order to avoid confusion and raise children in the right way, there are many parenting books available in the market.

Some of the best parenting books that have been approved by child psychologists and parents alike have been listed here.

Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks is one of the best parenting books for parents of newborn babies. This book is a comprehensive guide on baby’s behavior on a week-to-week basis. The parents also come to know about the periods when the baby cries, cringes and exhibits fussy behavior and the ways to deal with the baby during such periods. Information about baby’s sleeping behavior is also described in the book. Games and other activities that the parents can indulge in with their child are also suggested keeping in view different behavior patterns of babies.

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting is one of the best parenting books for parents trying to understand the emotions and behavior of their children and wanting to establish a strong bond with them.

In this book, the author provides comprehensive advice to parents for establishing a connection with their children right from infancy to adolescence stage.

Ways to recognize emotional triggers and handle them properly are also detailed in the book. The parents get to know about how to discipline their children while creating a loving bond with them.

Whole Brain Child

Whole Brain Child is one of the most suitable parenting books for parents who want to understand the development and functioning of their kid’s brain. The book contains 12  strategies that the parents can adopt to help in promoting healthy brain development of their children. The strategies for different age groups are detailed in the book which helps the parents in dealing with the tantrums and other behavioral problems of their children.

Brain Rules For Baby

Brain Rules for Baby, authored by a molecular biologist, is full of scientific facts about the brain development and behavior of infants. The best ways to raise happy and smart children right from infancy to the age of 5 years have been given in the book.

Raising Your Spirited Child

Raising Your Spirited Child, as the title suggests, is a guide for parents to deal with strong-willed children in a better way.  The book helps the parents in understanding the temperamental nature of such kids. The parents also get to know about the correct ways to cope with the tantrums of their spirited children. Strategies to deal with sibling rivalry and other difficult situations arising in the child’s life are also suggested in the book.

 Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting is replete with ways and ideas to provide a stress free environment for children. In the present times, when children are increasingly becoming victims of depression, anxiety, damaged emotional growth, and many other mental problems, this book is a must-read for parents worried about the mental health of their children.

Gift Of Failure

Gift of Failure provides correct advice to parents for effectively handling the various aspects of school years of children such as report cards, homework, sports, friends, etc. without becoming overprotective. The aim of the advice is to make the children grow into responsible adults.

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