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Amara Walker, a journalist is internationally recognized for her reporting on matters pertaining to the Middle East, particularly Israel and the Occupied Territories. A native of Chicago, she worked for several publications before landing in Africa. Amara is now based in New York. She has covered topics such as Israel and the Occupied Territories, Egypt and Tahrir Square among many others. Amara has always maintained that the media in the United States is controlled by an “elite” group of powerful corporations.

Starting Phase

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Amara Walker began her professional life at the University of Illinois at Champaign, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in Communications. Following college, she worked for three years for WLS in Chicago as a news reporter. Later in her career she gained a position at WREX in Atlanta, Georgia as a news producer. In recent years, Walker has established herself as a freelance journalist covering topics from religion and politics to health, energy and finance.

Amara Walker began her career at CNN as a producer and anchor in 2021. During her time at the network, she has covered everything from politics to sports and everything in between. Recently, CNN had decided to hire Amara Walker to serve as a global affairs anchor. She will now join the team that provides live reports from CNN and throughout various channels on CNN. This will be a very important role for CNN and for Amara Walker as she attempts to break into what is already one of the most popular and trusted news beats in the media.

Prior to CNN, Amara Walker was an anchor for WWOR TV in Bosch, Netherlands. This station had been airing the very popular “The Secret.” Additionally, she covered the buildup of the Gulf War with her reporting. She was one of the first female correspondents to be interviewed by CBS News in the Gulf War. For those who don’t know, Amara Walker also covered the Princess Diana funeral.

Social Presence

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It’s been said that Amara Walker does not have a social media presence. That may be true, however, she has her own website. It’s a very active website filled with interesting articles and pictures. At the bottom of the home page there is a bio tab where you can learn a bit about Amara Walker and some of her professional interests. Also, it lists her net worth.


According to her bio, Amara started her writing career as a reporter for WWOR at the age of 38 years old. She was specializing in broadcast news. From her writing in the field of broadcast news, she went on to become a program producer for ABC News Europe. And then, from there, she became a producer and writer for several news channels in the United Kingdom. It was here that she would acquire the nickname “Amara,” which is what she used to call herself when she moved to Los Angeles.

In 1992, Walker left her position at the WWOR station in Los Angeles to become a news reporter for another network. She would go on to become the first female Correspondent for the Weather Channel in the United States. The reason for this move is still under debate, however, one speculation is that WWOR wanted her to expand her job opportunities, and the Weather Channel wanted her to broaden her horizons. Whatever the case may be, amara Walker did enjoy a successful and distinguished career at the WWOR in San Diego.


Amara Walker is now a freelance journalist. She continues to write for various online news sources, and she recently published her first book in her career. Her book titled, “Life’s a Crowd: A Memorable Celebration of Life” contains many recipes, poetry and anecdotes. If you are looking for an interesting and informative read, this is definitely not your boring old book shelf. Amara Walker is truly a journalist of the high caliber.

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