All you need to know about Trolls Poppy

trolls poppy

Troll Poppy has a mild red pores and skin complexion with rosy cheeks and glitter freckles. Her hair coloration is a darker red, and sticks up with inside the air naturally. Her nostril is the identical coloration, and so are her eyes and eyebrows. Her ears bend up slightly, and just like the different Trolls, she has four arms on every hand and 4 ft. on every of her feet. Her primary outfit is a blue get dressed held collectively through a white sew at the shoulder, with a mild blue wavy design. She has an inexperienced scarf with blue flowers, and he or she wears a crimson and blue hug-time bracelet that opens up right into a red flower whilst its miles hug time.


a family

In the start of the film, Troll Poppy’s hair is loose, however at some point of the 20 Year Celebration and the relaxation of the movie; it’s miles placed up right into an instantly ponytail held collectively through a blue hair tie.

Poppys Personality 

a family

In Trolls, Poppy is the future happy leader of the Troll Village. Although the poppy was born on the troll tree as the branch, its first experience was liberation and freedom: the troll escaped from the troll tree. Poppy grew up in a carefree environment and saw troll society rebuild. Almost all the trolls around him lived a happy life and enjoyed life. As a result, she eventually became an outgoing person, believing the world to be relentlessly positive and happy, and she often saw fun rather than danger, and was admired by all her tribes, especially her snack bag friend. Poppy is energetic, but she usually relaxes in dangerous situations and can go with the flow while still fulfilling her wishes. 

Care for trolls

Troll Poppy is firm and fixed in her beliefs and values. When you set your sights on something, even if it fails at first, you tend to achieve it. She never doubted herself, and if she realized that this was happening, she would soon regain self-confidence. She cares about the happiness of all trolls and often organizes large parties to make everyone happy. Because of her sympathy for Bridget and later sympathy for Blanche in their adventures, her ability to even be friends with her enemies made her friends with Bridget.


Poppy’s name has many meanings, referring to her character. The name itself is taken from the colour of “poppy pink”. Poppy is the empress of “Pop Trolls” in the Trolls World Tour. This is a drama named after her and contains the word “Pop”. The word “poppy” itself means “pleasant to the ears and immediately appealing”. It also refers to a flower that matches the name of the family plant itself; “branch” is a part of the tree. Bobby generally keeps his name when he translates the troll into other languages, even if the spelling changes.

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