Go with the flow, honey


Forget regular date night activities. A session of acroyoga will help you and your spouse develop trust and a newfound connection.


A couple that sweats together, stays together. That’s what I think when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship.

After all, going through a tough ordeal – like exercising – together has been shown to foster stronger bonds.

It’s been hard, trying to find activities to do with my husband over the last few years. We used to do long jogs when we were dating, so as to spend more time in each other’s company.

Afterwards, we would talk about our dreams and such over a hearty meal of prawn mee or char kway teow – the two dishes I craved after a long run.

After we got married, those frequent jogs were whittled down to just once a month, or every fortnight if we were more free.

Soon, those jogs gave way to evening yoga sessions for me and night cycles for him. We found new interests, and new people to hang out with, which is a good thing. But our shared time definitely took a hit.

And then we had a kid.

Since then, my life has largely revolved around my daughter. Going for an evening run or yoga sesh just can’t override the pressing need to be with her after a long day at work. I want to catch every milestone I can, and spend as much waking time with her as possible, so that she will grow up knowing her mum is always there for her.

The hubby? I had been neglecting Gavin for a while. His existence kind of faded with a baby in the picture, though everyone says it’s important to still do things as a couple to keep the marriage alive.

We had just celebrated our eighth year together, with nothing more than an exchange of gifts and kiss on the lips.

Then this happened.

I was asked to try out acroyoga with my husband for a story. Doing yoga poses in mid-air with someone supporting you sounded fun, so I said yes.

Surprisingly, my risk-averse hubby agreed without question.

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