All about some Babys First thing

baby's first

First time never came back. So you must have to make your baby’s first talk, walk, hand or leg movements, birthday, Christmas or any other first thing special. Let;s talk about some baby’s first things.

Baby’s First Smile 

Babys First

Newborn babies often smile in their sleep. That smile is known as a reflex smile. Your little bundle of happiness develops his first social smile between 6 and 8 weeks of life. When he is awake and alert and smiles at you that means he has grown a true smile. That moment when your baby looks up at you and smiles can melt your heart and wet your eyes. Parents love to see their baby’s first smile. They will always cherish that moment of their baby’s life.

Baby’s First Words 

Babys First

After the 9 months of the baby’s life, he started to understand basic words like ‘da-da’, ‘mumma’, ‘ta-ta’, ‘bye-bye’. But you always wait to hear your baby’s first words. You wonder what he will say the first time. Mama or Dada. That moment when your baby calls you by one of these names is really very emotional and precious. After 12 or 18 months your baby could say a few simple words. 

Baby’s First Birthday 

When your baby completes the first milestone of his life, that day is very memorable for you. Generally, parents are very excited for their baby’s first birthday. It is true that your baby will not understand any of this and probably he will freak out to see so many friends and family members. But when he’ll look that photo album of his first birthday, that will definitely makes him/her happy. 

Baby’s First Walk 

Every children is different and the time when they started walking is also different. But generally, barbies start to walk before their first birthday. But it is quite alright if your baby started walking after their first birthday. But that moment when your little one holds your hand and started walking is the best moment of any parents’ life. 

Baby’s First Christmas 

Christmas is the most beautiful festival to enjoy with your friends and family. And it is the best day to create memories with yiur baby. You don’t have to spend to much on gifts for your baby’s first christmas. They’ll be really happy to see the decorated christmas tree. And it is the best day to arrange a photoshoot for your little one. It will make your baby’s first and your first christmas with your baby more memorable. 


The first year of a baby is very important for their health and development. After completing their first year, they must have learnt so many little things and so do you. Having a first baby emits motherhood in a woman. She starts to learn more and more about her child, his growth, his health, and his development is important to her.

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