A Complete Guide On Different Parenting Styles Types

Parenting Styles Types

Giving birth to your first child can be one of the most important and joyful parts of your life. The newborn would add so much energy to your home and family. As a young parent, you should know about the different parenting styles types before your child begins to grow. Although there are different parenting methods and styles you should ensure that you follow the one that suits you and your child. Parenting styles and types can be categorized into four types and they are: 

  • Authoritarian Parenting
  • Authoritative Parenting
  • Permissive Parenting
  • Uninvolved Parenting

Some parents might not fit into one category and have a combination of the above. You do not have to worry as you would have to follow what is ideal for your child. Here is a detailed overview of the above-mentioned parenting styles

Parenting Styles Types To Follow
Parenting Styles Types To Follow

Authoritarian Parenting Styles Types

This type of parenting is not the most ideal way to handle your child. As a parent, you set the rules and expect your child to follow them. Often this means that you do not give importance to your child’s feelings or wish to hear what they have to say. 

If you are following the authoritarian parenting style then there are chances that your child would begin to rebel at some point. So, it is advised by experts that you do not follow this pattern with your child all the time. 

Authoritative Parenting

This is a typical method that is best suited for children of all ages. You give them your rules, tell them the consequences of breaking them, and hear what they feel about it too. This way your child can comprehend why you have put the rules in place for them. These parenting style types are the ones that are said to work for most kids. You are also able to maintain a healthy relationship with them and ensure that you discipline them when necessary. 

Permissive Parenting Styles Types

This type of parenting may suit certain kids and parents alike. Although you put rules in place for your kids you barely enforce them. You do not relate well with the consequences too for your child when rules are broken. 

Your idea of parenting is to let the kid learn from the mistakes they make. While this may suit your child for certain situations it is better not to be used as often. Certain rules would have to be adhered to by your kid and it is better to be straight with them about it. 

Best Parenting Styles Types
Best Parenting Styles Types

Uninvolved Parenting Styles Types

This parenting style may not be the best suited for you as a parent or for your child. In this type, you barely spend time with your child. You do not speak with them about their school, homework, or other stuff that matters. 

This type of parenting often is dangerous and tells the kid that you do not care about them. While they are entitled to their freedom and independence it is always better to show them that you care about them too. 


To give your child, the best type of upbringing you should ensure that they are disciplined. Again, this does not mean that you are authoritarian at all times. You should give them their space and yet ensure the rules of the home are adhered to as well. 

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