A Book Review of Megans World by Megan Young

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Aiken, Orson, and Megan Young are the writers behind the popular book titled Achy Breaky Heart. This book is an exciting young adult book that deals with a broken heart and what to do about it. It’s the ultimate fairy tale come true. The three teenage sisters, Deanna, Emilee, and Kingston are in big trouble when their parents decide to send them away to live with their Uncle Henry, a retired Air Force officer. Henry is a rich playboy who is trying to get his hands on the family fortune, and in order to do this he needs to manage a bachelors’ college and nightclub.

Things go bad pretty quickly in the novel Achy Breaky Heart. Our main characters are more than ready to run off to meet their romantic future with a much younger man. But they don’t realize that their parents aren’t quite as supportive as they should be. Relationships have long been viewed as taboo for children, but Achy Breaky Heart shows how young people can fall apart over issues instead of being doomed to be together forever. Megan Young, the author, has done a great job of making readers want to read the next book, Aches Breaky Heart, because she introduces so many new and interesting characters. Her grasp of modern literature is impressive.


We open the book by finding out that our little girl, Emile, has already been reading the book. She loves it. Then, in the third person we learn that her mom, Mrs. Smith, is also a strong believer in the Christian faith. After learning from her mother that her daughter has been reading the book, she takes her to church and finds herself having a conversion.

Megan Young has managed to give readers a positive view of teenagers, even those that may have trouble acting out. She tells her readers that even though she knows her parents disapprove of her, she will not give up on her dream of having a good college career. As the book progresses, we learn that it wasn’t easy for her to get to college and that she put a lot of pressure on herself to do well there. This is hard for parents to do, but Megan Young takes it upon herself to make her family happy. It helps them to see the good in their daughter even though they are very disappointed with her choices.

Lot Of Familiar Elements In

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There are a lot of familiar elements in this book that are still familiar to Young readers. We learn about being a teenager, how to choose the right friends, and what to expect from them. There are some amusing quotes, as well. The character goes back and forth between two emotional stages, as she battles between her emotional impulses and rational self. The book includes an after-school activity to help her transition from stage one to stage two. It also includes a short time after she is off the program, and what she has learned from her parents and her friends.

Positive Ending To The Story

Young has managed to pull off a very positive ending to the story, without giving us a lot to wonder about. There is no hope for Emile at the end of the book, but it does leave us wanting more. We want to know what happens to him, how he will get back together with his parents, and what happens after he graduates. We also want to know what happens to his new friends. They are now her portraits, and the book ends on a high note with them all together happily in college.

The book has its flaws, but those flaws don’t detract from the overall message that Megan Young wants to get across. She is a very good writer, and if you don’t care for her work, then this book is not for you. The writing style is clear and easy to follow. I liked that she included a short timeline detailing events that occurred leading up to the events in the book.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a good book for parents to read with their kids. It provides a good message of how to handle a conflict with your teenager and how to get your kids to do what’s best for them. It may take some effort on the part of the parents, but it is worth it. You will be happy to know that Megan Young has put together an entire book in the information offered in this one book. It should help you as you continue to read her books.

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