7 Must-Have Newborn Baby Clothes For New Parents

Must-Buy Newborn Baby Clothes For Parents

As a parent-to-be, you might be very excited for the day when you will actually hold your little one. Don’t let your excitement go in vain after knowing you don’t have the right newborn clothes. There are various types of clothes out there, and shopping for them is a bit overwhelming. To ease your tension, and make sure you kick start your parenting journey rightly, here are some newborn baby clothes you should buy.


Whether you go for long or short sleeve options, bodysuits are one of must-have newborn baby clothes. Even if you receive a few on the baby shower, it is wise to shop sufficient pairs beforehand. Splurge on a wide range of colorful and patterned bodysuits. But also buy varying sizes (at least two different sizes) for your growing little one.

7 Must-Have Newborn Baby Clothes For New Parents
7 Must-Have Newborn Baby Clothes For New Parents


Sleepers are newborn baby clothes with pajamas and booties (or footies). These all-in-one clothing staples are great for nighttime, outings, and playtime. Similar to bodysuits, sleepers allow mothers for hassle-free diaper changes. As you will need one or two sleepers per day, stock up a few beforehand.

Baby Leggings

Baby leggings are versatile clothes that are perfect for the winter season. No matter whether your little one is going for a walk or enjoying playtime at home, leggings are perfect for him/her. You can make your newborn wear it several ways – with a top, under the shorts or dress, over a romper or bodysuit.


Cardigans and jackets are required for the cold season. Even if your place stays warm most of the year, it’s good to shop a few outerwear pieces. This is because your baby’s body temperature keeps on fluctuating. Get your hands on something evergreen like a black or gray cardigan and blue jacket.


Whether you have a baby boy or girl, bloomers are perfect in both cases. This diaper cover not only looks great beneath an outfit, but they also do well by themselves. You can also make your kiddo wear bloomers with a kimono top or over a baby legging.

Pant Suits/Dresses

Get your hands on 2 or 3 pairs of dresses for your little girl, or pantsuits for a boy. These dressy outfits are ideal for photoshoots, family gatherings, and other special events. Always buy different styles and colors. For girls, it’s good to pick a floral dress in yellow for summers and a shimmery lace dress for winters. For boys, you can choose a shirt with a waistcoat, a 4-piece suit with a bow, or button-down shirt with denim or pants.

7 Must-Have Newborn Baby Clothes For New Parents
7 Must-Have Newborn Baby Clothes For New Parents


Rompers, also known as a one-piece, include both a top as well as a bottom. They are perfect for diaper changes as they have snaps at the crotch. There are several fashionable styles out there that make them ideal for photo shoots, summer events, gatherings, as well as playdates.

Besides these newborn baby clothes, don’t forget to shop for baby mitten, socks, caps, and hats. Furthermore, make sure to have a lot of bibs or burp cloths.

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