6 Hungry Baby Signs Every Mother Needs To Check

6 Hungry Baby Signs Every Mother Needs To Check

Every new mother knows that the nutritional needs of their babies change from time to time or say, day to day. However, due to being new to motherhood, many new moms find it tricky to understand when their newborns or infants are hungry. You need to know that there are many ways babies use to tell their mothers that they are hungry. You need to listen to these hunger cues to know exactly when they are ready for breast milk. Given below are hungry baby signs you need to watch out for:

Acting Restless After Waking Up: Hungry Baby Signs

Your baby might wake up and act restlessly. This is one of the common hungry baby signs. Babies who are hungry may also raise their hands and bring them to the face, move their mouth, or put their fist in the mouth. So, check him or her right after he/she wakes up to notice these gestures. If you see any of these signs, it’s the time for some breast milk.

6 Hungry Baby Signs Every Mother Needs To Check
6 Hungry Baby Signs Every Mother Needs To Check

Also, many hungry babies who are restless make sounds like sighing, wiggling, fidgeting, cooing, or fussing. As these sounds can be low-pitched, you need to hear them carefully.


Crying is also a sign that your little one is hungry. Hunger cries are generally low-pitched and short so you have to carefully check them out. When a baby is crying because of hunger, make sure to soothe him or her before you start feeding him/her.  


Rooting is a natural flex of babies in which they make sucking motions with their mouths while trying to look for the bottle or breast. Rooting is one of the most common hungry baby signs that occur during infants’ first weeks. As the baby grows, this action becomes a voluntary action.

Smacking Lips & Sucking Fists: Hungry Baby Signs

Hungry babies often smack their lips and suck their fists. These signs are generally seen in babies who are breastfed. Watch out for these two signs and get ready to feed your little one whenever you notice these signs.

Constant Sucking During Breastfeed

If your baby continues to suck your breast or the milk bottle after finishing the feed, this could mean that they are still hungry. If you think that he or she isn’t done yet, you need to again feed him/her till your little one is satisfied. However, if you don’t do this, the baby will continue to suck your breasts.

Some babies also smile during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. This could mean they are still interested in eating or drinking more. This sign is generally seen in infants who are more than 4 months old.

6 Hungry Baby Signs Every Mother Needs To Check
6 Hungry Baby Signs Every Mother Needs To Check

Moving Arms & Legs

Your kiddo might be moving his or her arms and legs all around just to tell you that he/she is hungry and wants milk. Some babies also move their heads back and forth or side to side just to show they want their feed.

Check for these hungry baby signs and make sure to respond to them as soon as you can. This is needed to ensure your kiddo gets timely feed.

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