6 Best Developmental Toys For Babies

6 Best Developmental Toys For Babies - Perfect Gift Sets

Most parents are well-aware of the importance of play for their babies. They know the right developmental toys lead to emotional, cognitive, and physical growth in their babies. Also, playing is an ideal way for parents and guardians to develop that much needed vital bond with their little one. If you are a new parent are looking for a handful of developmental toys for your kiddo, here are a few options to consider:

Activity Mats

Activity mats are ideal to stimulate visual interest in your baby. These mats are usually equipped with colored toys that can be attached to the top. Your baby will try to reach these overhead toys while practicing some tummy time on the mat. Such mats are very effective when it comes to generating visual interest in the babies and encouraging physical movement.

6 Best Developmental Toys For Babies
6 Best Developmental Toys For Babies

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments and music playing devices will help your baby recognize sounds which are in turn crucial for baby’s hearing development. No doubt you can sing or play the music yourself for your kiddo; a musical instrument will benefit your baby if he or she uses it. Try getting something like a drum, bell, or xylophone. These music devices will encourage audio stimulation and also develop hand and eye coordination


From building build hand-eye and motor coordination to boosting cognitive skills, the importance of puzzles is undisputed. The developmental toys also help develop patience, concentration, along with the sense of confidence and achievement in babies. They are great for enhancing fine motor skills and also help your child’s brain grow and function properly.

Touch & Feel Books

Babies love to touch and feel books. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons for the same. These books have bright colors that attract babies in no time. The books also encourage them to feel the texture of the book. As these cloth books come with colorful pictures, they help them to recognize different colors and make a distinction between them. Generally, the touch and feel books have sensory-stimulating features like flaps, ribbons, and crinkly pages that are helpful for your child’s development.


Rattles are one of the most effective developmental toys. They offer stimulation and also a sense of discovery to the babies as they hold the rattle and follow it with their eyes whenever you move them from side to side. Many rattles also come with dual functions such as teethers, balls and rattle combo, etc. If you want your little one to develop fine motor gripping skills, you must get him or her rattle toys.

6 Best Developmental Toys For Babies
6 Best Developmental Toys For Babies

Mirror Toys

A baby loves seeing his or her reflection even if he/she isn’t aware of what exactly is happening. Placing a baby-safe mirror in front of a baby will help develop his/her vision and develop focusing power. Mirror toys will also foster your little one’s curiosity as well as enhance cognitive development. Look for a mirror toy that will not just entertain your baby but will also benefit him/her greatly.

Besides these, you can also look for developmental toys like building blocks, soft toys, doll sets, stackable cups, and ride-on toys.

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