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4 Parenting Styles Quiz- What Type Of Parents Are You

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No one denies that parenting is quite difficult but you can easily make it easier for you by knowing your parenting style. It is very important for parents to decide what is essential to them and find the perfect parenting style quizzes that help your children grow. Increasing your awareness of parenting style can surely help you become a better dad or mom. However many parents don’t know about parenting style so they face many challenges. In this article we will discuss types of parenting style and find which type of style you have. So let’s start.

Types Of Parenting Style

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We all know that every child is different and the same goes for every parent. However, being a successful parent is not an easy and small feat. Make perfect your parenting style quiz is and always will be in process. However, there are some other factors like friends, genetics, culture, environment, and many more that can shape your children. Moreover, your parenting style may leave a positive and lasting mark on your child’s character.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

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The authoritarian parenting style quiz is a low level of warmth but high levels of control. In this parenting, parents insist the child be obedient and also expect that their child will follow strict rules which they have made without asking any question. The parents do not hesitate to enforce the rules and also threaten to punish their kids if they fail to follow any rule or break it.

Permissive Parenting Style

This parenting style is just the opposite of authoritarian means it has low level of control but high level of warmth. In this parenting style parents are generally set and nurturing rules but they are lax when the comes to enforcing them. If a child break any rule then parents will not give any punishment. They do not have so much expectation for the maturity level of their child and self control as well. In this style parents usually act like a friend more than good parents.

Uninvolved Parenting Style

The uninvolved parenting style quiz, parents have little to no involvement in the life of their child. They don’t know about their school program, whereabouts and also friend group. Child lives with excessive freedom and they do not get much guidance, nurturing, affection or attention.

Authoritative Parenting Style

This parenting style has a high level of warmth and high level of control as well. As authoritarian parents, they also make rules and enforce family guidelines. But the biggest difference is that they do so lovingly and kindly. They have high expectations and standards for their kids. But if a child feels pressured they talk to them and give advice. In a situation when a child doesn’t meet with expectation they respond with support, forgiveness despite anger and punishment.

Each of these parenting styles quiz will provide different child results and also every parent has different desires. If you truly nurture and love your kids your unique and perfect parenting style will benefit your kids. Find your parenting style that will help your child to grow in a right way.

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